Why Berry?

For Employers, Berry is the most efficient colleague

She has real-time contextual conversations, rapidly generates insights and ideas, holding all parties accountable for driving positive change inside the organization.

Conversational AI HR

In the last one week, Berry helped us learn more about our organization than we did in the last one year before Berry.

One Click Campaigns

Configure and launch campaigns to get pulse of the organization and have active conversations with employee.

Real Time Dashboards

Real time interactive dashboards that can be drilled down based on your needs. Learn patterns from inputs instantaneously using AI.

Pre-Built Library

Library of pre-built campaigns that are constantly updated based on macro environments and benchmarks.

Drive Actions

Recommend and build actions that can be tracked. Drive accountable interactions in channel of choice.

Collate Ideas

Distil ideas and improvement areas from employees quickly and get employee vote on implementing ideas.

Always On

Engage with resources across the global without being constrained by timelines. Access insights in channel of choice.

For Employees, Berry Is An Advocate

She connects with you as you on-board, answer questions for you faster than anyone else can, listens to you continuously, clarifies and updates you on the progress.


I have the pulse of my organization in just one click and sometimes with no click. Berry tells me what I need.

Quick On-boarding

Get on-boarded quickly into the organization and get your questions answered quickly, without being judged.

Human Experience

Empathetic human experience reflecting the culture of the company in every interaction that Berry has.

Anonymous Feedback

Anonymity leads to better feedback. Employees should share honest feedback without the fear of them being judged. Real issues should bubble up.

Action Updates

Instant updates on actions being taken inside the organization to improve patterns that come out of employee inputs.

Engage On Ideas

Provide your ideas and opinions where you want, when you want. Full transparency is the core at Berry.

Always On

Interact with Berry, get your questions answered or just provide your inputs at their convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know your employee sentiments across the company in a few hours!

Berry never sleeps and is continuously conversing with employees at any location or time zone to understand their concerns and happiness. This can be done using existing company communication channel or through web interface.

Berry’s deep analytics powered by machine learning automates the reports real time based on the feedback collected from employees. The learning algorithm picks patterns and aggregates conversations. Drill-downs help disect the reports based on organization needs.
Employee Voice Admins or Managers do not need to worry about analyzing the responses in order to put the actions in place. Berry does it all- on automated learning from similar organizations. The actions are tracked, Berry drives the accountability through integrated channels.

Berry’s robust integration with most of the actively used collaboration tools and your existing HR and Workforce management systems makes it easy to adapt and roll out for any organization

Berry empowers every employee to openly present their unique ideas to a broader audience. Have a game-changer of an idea? Let Berry present it to the organization as a voting campaign, giving everyone a chance to be part of the decision making process.


Ready to hire Berry?