Keep your employees engaged during transitions

Employee NPS

Getting the pulse of the employees before or during the implementation of a Merger/Acquisition is the key to reassuring them that their voices are heard and valued. Your Change Management initiatives will get a boost through Berry’s readymade campaigns to get instant employee NPS.


When dealing with Change Management associated with Merger/Acquisition, every team’s needs are unique. Empower every manager in the organization to make decisions based on concrete data and analysis. With Berry, each manager has access to his/her own unique dashboard of their team’s actions and insights are defined with timelines.

Clarity of goals

The teams across the organization need to work in unison, collaborate efficiently and set SMART goals (both organizational and team level) to sail through change management. Let the smart analytics of Berry help convert employees’ sentiment and statements into actionable insights


Actionable Feedback

When working round the clock during a Merger/Acquisition provide ongoing, calendarized, actionable feedback to your teams through Berry’s continuous and anonymous listening process. The feedback so collected, is also analysed and converted into actionable themes and suggestions. 


Helen Keller
Author and Rights Advocate


Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

Employee Engagement

Continuously engage employees along the entire lifecycle using meaningful conversations and provide a simple fun experience.

Diversity & Inclusion

D&I is more than a policy. Berry, drives people and processes enabling a transparent, anonymous, and trustful culture.

Employee Productivity

Helps employees deliver more by focussing on less. Berry understands the feedback and drives areas that impacts employees the most.


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