Reduce employee
turnover using Berry's
predictive analytics

Predict and prevent employee turnover

Berry is constantly listening and engaging with employees. She is therefore able to identify at risk and disengaged employees early on and can predict and prevent at risk cases.

Cost savings

When a high performer leaves, the company’s bottom line is impacted.  An organization spends at least 6 months salary in hiring and re training a new employee. Berry directly helps reduce hiring and training costs using predictive analytics and identifying at risk high performers ahead of time. Berry is able to do this at the cost of less than 1 HRBP and helps the businesses save ongoing fixed costs

Minimizing infant turnover

Inbuilt survey campaigns have a focus on new employees to ensure they feel like they belong. Our ongoing touchpoints help the managers and leaders to know how the new employees are feeling on Day 1, Day 30, Day 60 and Day 90.


Lost Productivity

Turnover leads to empty chairs and lost productivity for the business that can have an impact on the bottom line. Berry can help solve for this problem by identifying disengaged employees early on and taking appropriate action.  

Malcolm Gladwell


"It's not how much money we make that ultimately makes us happy between 9 and 5. It's whether or not our work fulfills us."

Employee Engagement

Continuously engage employees along the entire lifecycle using meaningful conversations and provide a simple fun experience.

Diversity & Inclusion

D&I is more than a policy. Berry, drives people and processes enabling a transparent, anonymous, and trustful culture.

Employee Productivity

Helps employees deliver more by focussing on less. Berry understands the feedback and drives areas that impacts employees the most.


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