Strategic employee experience - the key to true digital transformation

Clarity of goals

Effective digital transformation begins with collaborating on shared SMART goals. Let the smart analytics of Berry help you set, communicate and also convert employees’ sentiment and statements into actionable insights.


Base every digital transformation related decision on concrete data and analysis. With Berry, empower your managers with access to a unique dashboard of their team’s actions and insights. 



Celebrate your small wins. Award recognition and appreciation on your digital transformation goals. With Berry, share individualized insights around strengths and opportunities to every manager. Building high performing teams has never been easier.


Actionable Feedback

Key to effective employee digital transformation relies strongly on providing them with ongoing, calendarized, actionable feedback. Berry’s continuous and anonymous listening process helps you collect feedback, analyze and convert it into actionable themes and suggestions.

Peter Drucker
Educator and Author


Efficiency is doing the things right; Effectiveness is doing the right things.

Employee Engagement

Continuously engage employees along the entire lifecycle using meaningful conversations and provide a simple fun experience.

Diversity & Inclusion

D&I is more than a policy. Berry, drives people and processes enabling a transparent, anonymous, and trustful culture.

Employee Productivity

Helps employees deliver more by focussing on less. Berry understands the feedback and drives areas that impacts employees the most.


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