Okta Integration with Berry

Integrate Berry into your Okta network with a few clicks. If you are not a Berry customer, please reach out to us.

Employee Onboarding Platform
How to set up Berry integration with Okta – OpenID Connect Supported Okta Features The Berry Okta integration allows logging into Berry platform using SP-initiated SSO flow. Configuration Steps Berry Implementation team configures your org for Okta access. Then follow these instructions in order to install Cami.AI app in Okta.

App Search from Okta Catalog

Browse to Okta catalog and search for Berry. You will find the app in Directories and HR Systems category.

Add Berry

After confirmation click on Add button. Click done with all the default values.

Provide Keys to Berry

.Get the Issuer, Client ID and Client secret values from Okta OpenId connect configuration and send email to prod@berryworks.ai with Subject: Okta config information. Ensure your organization users who need to use Berry have been granted access to Berry in your Okta.

Confirm and Login

Our production support team will configure your org within 24 hrs of your request. Post configuration, all users configured in your Okta who has access to Berry app will be able to access Berry at the base level of permission.

Integrate Systems

Berry pulls data from ATS, CRM and HRIS platforms. She also pushes the final inputs back into HRIS systems and plugs into other smaller systems such as background screening vendors.


Automate with Berry?