Productivity Integrations

Berry sits effortlessly in your internal communication tools and has human conversations using NLP to get inputs from employees. She also pushes alerts and polls to drive actions and accountability. 


Berry is a confidant who I can ping anytime in my slack. I trust her and I'm comfortable sharing critical information with her.

One Click Install

Install Berry on your internal communication channels such as slack and teams with one click.

Ask Questions

Let Berry answer simple questions for your employees and free up your HR partners time.

Real-time Sentiments

Execute your surveys inside the channels and have human conversations to collect more inputs based on sentiments express.

Drive Actions

Poll employees to understand the importance of certain patterns. Keep employees and managers on track with alerts.

HR System Integrations

Berry connects with your HR systems to pull and push data as applicable so that you start with what you have already. 

  •  HRIS: Pull employee information securely from HR information systems to create records automatically in Berry. 
  • ATS: Seamlessly integrate with modern ATS to onboard without pain.
  • CRM: Send information 2-way to CRM systems to ensure marketing communication can be managed centrally.

Berry pulls data from my systems real-time and lets me slice the insights from employees into micro segments. I spend more time with people now than systems.

Automatic Pull

Get data from your HRIS, ATS or CRM automatically once the employee reaches a pre defined status.

Enrich From Systems

Enrich your employee profile using data from internal systems to be able to personalize conversations.

Contextual Dashboards

Provide contextual dashboards to managers and HR organization without needing to import data back and forth between systems.

Flag Critical Issues

Flag critical issues directly into your HR systems without breaking the trust that Berry creates.

Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions on Berry integrations!

Installing Berry into your Slack or Teams is ask simple as us sending a link to your admin and them confirming access to key data points. Berry then automatically introduces herself to all relevant employees based on your configuration.

The integrations with HR systems listed above are pre-built and Berry needs minimum interface with your vendor. For other systems, integrations can be done, but the ability to integrate will depend on the capability of the vendor. Berry supports API and file based integrations.

We are able to ensure the integrity and isolation of     client data in a multi-tenant environment with our tenant level logical controls including tokenization, salt and hashing, and roles based access based on least privilege. Data is encrypted using AES-256 managed in AWS RDS.

We would love to integrate with you and be partners. We treat our partners just like our customers. Please reach out to for a partnership or just interact with our form.


Ready to Integrate Berry?