Automate onboarding to make it human

Once the decision is made to hire an employee, Berry pulls from your ATS or CRM and automates onboarding for both the new hire and your HR teams.

Employee Onboarding Platform
Berry’s deep learning can present you with patterns from inputs provided by new hires. Quick actions on these patterns helps reduce infant turnover in the process. Focus your team on what matters.

Break It Down

Enhance employee onboarding by breaking down the journey into bite-sized, actionable chunks for new hires and managers


Workflow to trigger tasks based on time or the completion of a previous task

Pattern Analysis

Reduce infant turnover by reviewing patterns emerging from new hire onboarding. Take actions to constantly make improvements. AI ensures that learning is instant.

Drive Accountability

No need for constant check-ins. Berry drives accountability in the onboarding process by using alerts inside productivity tools such as slack and teams.

Make Advocates Early

Use your new hires who had an amazing trusted experience with your brand to build reviews in external sites.

Always On

Engage with resources across the global without being constrained by timelines. Access insights in channel of choice.

Integrate Systems

Berry pulls data from ATS, CRM and HRIS platforms. She also pushes the final inputs back into HRIS systems and plugs into other smaller systems such as background screening vendors.


Automate with Berry?