Continuous employee voice

Deploy Berry at the click of a button to your internal slack, teams, google or facebook workplace to continuously interact with employees and uncover the employee voice patterns that matter.

Berry Employee Voice is the answer to measuring the happiness quotient of your employees real-time. Get the real-time data of the pulse of the organization without having to wait for days and months to get the results. Real time, all the time.

Anonymous Conversations

Configure and launch campaigns to get pulse of the organization and have active, anonymous conversations with employees.

Deep Dive

Deep dive into what’s working and what’s not for employees in your organization.

Predict Attrition

Reduce attrition by knowing what is on the mind of your star performers and take action quickly.

Drive Actions

Recommend and build actions that can be tracked. Drive accountable interactions in channel of choice.

Collate Ideas

Distill ideas and improvement areas from employees quickly and get employees to vote on implementing ideas.

Always On

Engage with resources across the globe without being constrained by timelines. Access insights in channel of choice.

Integrate Berry

Integrate Berry Voice into your productivity tools and HR systems and enjoy the instant insights.


Ready to interact with Berry?