Employee Net Promoter Score (NPS) platform with zero delay

Kickoff ready made campaigns in Berry to get employee NPS instantly. Analyzing NPS surveys is now done by the machine so that your HR team works on the actions.

Digitally transform your employee NPS process to remove all bottlenecks including response times, completeness and the speed at which inputs are processed. Let the machine do what she is good at so that your team can do what they are best at.

Ready Made Campaigns

Kickoff your campaigns by making quick updates to already pre-built topics so that your team can launch surveys quickly.

Continuous NPS

NPS does not need to be an annual or quarterly process. Have a ongoing NPS process that is always current.

Pattern Analysis

Analyze patterns coming out of NPS surveys using natural language processing to bring key points as quickly as the response is in.

Drive Accountability

Alerts drive accountability to complete the responses and also to ensure that the actions are being completed on time by managers and leaders.

NPS Ideas

NPS can be a major tool for generating ideas. The ideas generated are automatically polled on to get the best ideas to the leaders.

Deep Insights

Data dashboards that are as micro level since AI is doing the work for you. Tell the right story to leadership while balancing the granularity with anonymity.

In Your Existing Systems

The speed of employee NPS (eNPS) responses can be increased significantly by using your existing productivity channels. The value of eNPS is increased by bringing in data quickly from your HR systems to increase granularity.


Make It Real Time!