AI powered employee experience platform

Full lifecycle employee experience platform that integrates with existing HR and communication platforms to drive actions using insights learned from every interaction. 

Berry interacts with employees continuously in internal communication channels such as Slack, Teams and Google. Using natural language processing technology, similar to Alexa and Siri, she listens and answers simple to complex questions in 32 different languages, based on the priorities set by the organization.
Put your employee on-boarding on steroids by automating integration points and communication. Free up your team to work on providing the personal touch. Use machine learned patterns to focus on fixing problem areas and highlight positive sentiments internally and externally (think glassdoor).
Rewards and recognition is a critical part of the employee experience. Berry creates an agile culture by prompting recognition in the channel of choice. Employees can recognize and assign points using a simple chat with Berry in the channel of their choice. The artificial intelligence engine monitors the engagement to push the right reminders and action in parts of organization that are not seeing traction.
Connect annual and pulse survey into one integrated solution to always have the current understanding of the employee net promoter score (eNPS). Break down the insights into micro sections of the organization to drive actions that are relevant. Provide regular personal updates to employees automatically to create trust and transparent engagement.

Integrate Berry to everything that matters!

Berry has connectors to all major HR Information, Applicant Tracking, Candidate Relationship Management and Internal Communications systems to speed up the learning process.


Transform Your Employee Experience!