5 Interesting Features of Berry-Teams Integration

Remote and hybrid working is taking the world by storm. But as a HR practitioner or as a people leader, do you have this gnawing feeling that people engagement is suffering because of this?

Well until you are willing to shift your mindset with the changing times, this feeling is not going to magically disappear. The very definition of workplace conversations has augmented from just meeting room discussions and watercooler conversations to chat and calls over collaboration platforms. Among these enterprise collaboration platforms MS Teams is by far the most popular.

With there being such heavy usage of collaboration tools by employees, it makes great business ROI to leverage these platforms to not just provide easy access to information but also to initiate intelligent conversations which can identify people pulse. Berry on MS Teams does just that and the best part, these conversations are carried out in a friendly, personalized, and empathetic manner just like you would want them to be

Sounds exciting? If yes, then here is our take on why Berry on Teams is the perfect match for you:

Personalized conversations: What is the point of asking feedback on the promotion process in an annual survey for someone who hasn’t gone through it at all. Is it useful to get feedback on comp change, 6 months after? We need to move away from conducting surveys on organization time to closer to the moments being experienced by your colleagues. Make this switch and see how survey engagement increases dramatically.

Real-time Employee Feedback: In today’s world, coming up one month later with survey results which do not translate to any direct actions is just a waste of time for everyone involved. On the other hand, Berry creates campaigns that capture employee feedback and real-time sentiment through conversations on Teams. Yes, that’s right. No 3rd party redirects. This shift helps you switch to a more agile people strategy approach for your team or organizations.

Ease of adoption: No need to install any apps or redirect to a web page. All done on Teams. Phew, one less URL to bookmark 😊. You can literally be up and running with the app within minutes.

People science built in:  Our carefully curated set of questions, HR domain expertise driven AI and extensive usage of people analytics ensures all the heavy lifting is done by us and you just need to steer Berry to meet your needs.

Information at fingertips : Berry is not all about asking questions. You can feed it your org info, so that it can answer any questions your colleagues have. In a rapidly changing and fast scaling organization, having one single source of information access can be a godsend for employees.

Want to sign up or find out more. Then just drop a line at mukund@berryworks.ai and we would be happy to connect and understand your needs.