Berry: Now Available on MS Teams

Conversations happen everyday at workplaces. Let’s correct ourselves, so many conversations happen everyday at workplaces. With remote or hybrid work fast becoming a norm, the definition of conversation has changed from being one-to-one within the walls of a conference room or at the watercooler to conversations restricted to the confines of a screen. Employees across the globe are using tools for conversation and collaboration and MS Teams takes the lead. Not only does it provide a great way to communicate, its seamless integration with Microsoft’s other tools also ensure seamless collaboration and therefore effective work.

Berry, a deep learning Employee Voice Platform is designed to extract the very power of conversations from MS Teams and use it to provide actionable insights to the leadership. Berry is a digital AI powered confidant to every employee and is non biassed, insightful and providesthe humane touch to have the right conversations by identifying the right sentiment. 

Why Berryworks?

With Berry you replace your old mundane employee surveys with conversation-based surveys. Conversations that are unique to every employee as defined by the manager and organized by Berry. So you get responses to survey questions for feedback assessment and at the same time get employee sentiment. Combine both of them and you get actionable insights that help you build the employee experience of your choice, identify unhappy employees, and create campaigns accordingly to provide resources to those who need them.   

Berry is the complete package that your organization needs to make it happier, engaged, and productive. Berry, an employee voice revolution once integrated with your MS Teams will be able to offer you the following:                   

  • Anonymous Conversations: Configure and launch campaigns to get the pulse of the organization and have active, anonymous conversations with employees.                   
  • Drive Actions: Recommend and build actions that can be tracked. Drive accountable interactions in the channel of choice.   
  • Deep Dive: Deep dive into what’s working and what’s not for employees in your organization.                    
  • Collate Ideas: Distill ideas and improvement areas from employees quickly and get employees to vote on implementing ideas.           
  • Predict Attrition: Reduce attrition by knowing what is on the mind of your star performers and taking action quickly.
  • Always On: Engage with resources across the globe without being constrained by timelines. Access insights in the channel of choice.    

3 Steps to Welcome the Future of Conversations

Organization Setup:   Set up your organization with Berry by clicking on the button below. You will then be redirected to Microsoft’s page where your can fill your organization details.

Install Berry on MS Teams: 

Now that you have set up your organization, click on the button below to Add Berry to your MS Teams Application.

Start Conversations

After adding Berry to MS Teams, you’ll receive a welcome card from Berry. You can also try out a few pre-built commands that Berry supports:

  • Hi Berry – To do small talk with Berry
  • Who is Berry – Find out what Berry is used for
  • Help – Need help with Berry

Thats it. The future of conversations is installed into your workplace and it will start collecting insights form day one. Berry gives you the complete freedom to ask questions, to design questions, to design campaigns, to monitor them and ensure that maximum  participation is obtained. What’s more? 

There are no third party redirects. People often tend to not answer questions if they are being made to go to another website such as survey monkey, google forms etc. With Berry by your side all the conversations happen on Teams.

Quantifying Emotions Using Sentiment Analysis: Berry, the AI-powered Employee Voice platform uses sentiment analysis extensively so that your employees can have real-time dynamic conversations. Our AI-based system gets seamlessly integrated with your communication channel and starts talking and analyzing from the day a new hire joins the workplace.                                       

  1. We analyse the conversation and adapt to the emotion of the person so that we can be more and more empathetic in our response dynamically in a customized manner. For example, suppose Berry asks Mr. White how was his day and he responds to it with “I don’t want to talk about it”. It clearly is a negative sentiment and Berry will then immediately come up with an empathetic response such as “Hey, some days are good and some are bad. Talking about it might help you feel better” and the string of conversations going on. For every reply, Berry offers a response with a human touch. 
  2. We aggregate data on the basis of the sentiments we receive and our robust analytics uses these scores to derive engagement and offer actionable insights to the leadership so that they can respond to the issues faced by employees with measures backed by solid data. 

Berry is therefore a digital personality that can be an HR leader’s strongest ally and every employee’s biggest confidant. Berry can help measure and improve employee happiness. Berry uses deep learning to interact, interpret and drive accountability using actionable patterns that it learns. Berry is available to answer simple questions and is capable of having complex conversations with employees. HR Leaders can use Berry to run campaigns that help them to understand the pulse of the organization around various topics. Conversations are then analyzed and actionable insights are drawn out instantaneously.