Why Future of Work will be HR Tech Enabled?

Technology and the way we interact with technology, both at work and home, is evolving. Data is taking the front seat in every domain of our work and the right data analytics can make significant contributions to organizational and personal development. Every organization as it scales up, the amount of internal data generated it produces during the daily interactions increases as well. HR leaders across the globe are cognizant of the fact that the Future of Work is indeed HR Tech-enabled.

So finally we are at the system of work where the artificial intelligence industry is booming with new developments being seen on all domains and the HR world is no exception. With tools such as Berry, a deep learning employee voice platform, HR tech is now exploring the possibilities of revisiting the employee journeys, being involved in day-to-day interactions, and thus predicting employee sentiments real-time via conversations. These tools are cloud-based, highly agile, and regularly updated. They even offer seamless integration with the existing communication systems such as slack, google, etc.

The future of HR technology lies in conversations. Conversations that make the difference in the form of engagement, specific resolution of problems faced by employees and building a better place to work and grow together.

Conversational AI: The Future of HR Tech in Employee Experience

Conversational AI in HR is all set to revolutionize the Employee Experience strategies across the globe. More often than not, the pressure to do or speak right keeps people from expressing their thoughts freely in an organization. The fear of repercussions stops us mid-sentence on most days. And of course,  sometimes unconscious biases can prevent a person from participating and expressing their thoughts in the right conversation or inadvertently block leaders from showing empathy while troubleshooting workplace issues.

Conversational AI backed by machine learning offers your organization the freedom to eliminate the need to have initial one on one conversations with everybody. Instead, it replaces it with an intelligent digital personality that talks to your employees, assesses their needs and issues and reports back to you with actionable insights so that the HR can directly focus on solving the problem instead of tediously trying to identify the problem. With good conversations comes good employee experience. Use of Conversational AI in HR will therefore help build a culture of accountability that is not biased. Conversational AI will also ensure that the correct message reaches the management and hence a detailed dynamic policy can be made that caters to all the moments and updates as and when priorities change.

Welcome Berry: A Deep Learning Employee Voice Platform

Technology therefore has to be included in the HR processes and conversations to enhance employee experience and the companies that are going to do it better will obviously have an edge over the others. A good place to work brings out the best in people and good places today have to be created and calibrated from time to time by listening to the employees.

Berry is a digital personality that you employ to measure and improve employee happiness – who can interact, interpret and drive accountability using actionable patterns that it learns. Berry is the answer. Berryworks, a deep learning employee voice platform offers you the best insights just by talking to your employees. That is to say, Berry, our AI friend, talks to employees on a daily basis right from the day they join the organization and takes care of all the employee queries until they exit. Sentiment analysis is the core of Berry and our wide range of templates and questions are carefully designed to extract any negative sentiment that might be present in your organization thus giving more space for opinions from everyone creating a bias-free workplace that is both inclusive and gives equal opportunities. And the best part is it gets integrated into your existing communication channel and starts analyzing the moment it gets the approval. This means that your employees will be able to answer questions and managers will be able to analyze responses without the need to go on third-party software.