Employee Experience

Conversational AI Platform for HR on Slack – A Match Designed to Deliver

Conversations happen on Slack every day. What if you could identify these conversations, run a sentiment analysis on it and getting actionable insights? And all this not once a month or year, but real-time! Berry can help with just that! With Berry’s, deep learning employee voice platform that can seamlessly integrate with Slack, you can now give your employees, from new hires to veterans, a tool that can talk to them, understand them, make them feel better and at the same time collect anonymous insights that can help leadership create better people-centric policies.

An employee’s journey in an organization is the sum total of various small but significant moments that matter to them and at each moment employees are bound to have different feelings and reactions towards the situation. Addressing these moments with care and empathy ensures not just a positive work culture, but also enhances productivity and plays a major role in reducing attrition. So, in a way, this is probably the ‘hidden in plain sight’ solution to the much talked about Great Resignation. 

Identifying these  Moments that Matter” and enabling them into the employee experience strategies can take it ahead by leaps and bounds. It can act as a continuous process designed to assess your strategy and observe employees thereby establishing a bond between the employee and the employer.

Why Moments That Matter?

Moments Matter
  1. Moments that matter help in capturing employee perspectives. Contrary to a routine survey, Moments that Matter offers employees’ perspective thus enabling a much better understanding of the employee journey. 
  2. Moments that matter are designed to evolve. This is a living breathing process that evolves as the organisation and the employees evolve with time.  Moments that matter continuously learns from the experiences of the employees and therefore will always offer dynamic solutions that are suited to an employees’ needs.
  3. Moments that Matter help in creating a clear plan. Once the moments are defined, all an HR has to do is work carefully on each moment, devise a plan, and implement it.

Why must you opt for a conversational AI platform such as Berry?

  1. With good conversations comes good employee experience. Use of Conversational AI in HR will therefore help build a culture of accountability that is not biassed. 
  2. Conversational AI will also ensure that the correct message reaches the leadership and hence a detailed dynamic policy can be made that caters to all the moments and updates as and when priorities change. 
  3. A conversational AI platform when integrated with your internal communication channel can talk to your employees. It can be programmed to offer virtual office tours, making new friends, clearing doubts about company policies, applying for leaves and much more. It therefore will act as the first friend your new employee makes and digitally help your employee meet their teammates and get off to a good start. It can further analyze responses and predict flight risks, identify employees facing burnout,  observe disengagement and report back to the leaders.

WIth Slack deployed, a lot of processes that were once handled manually can easily be converted into automated tasks. Individual dashboards with the ability to access employee sentiment at various levels also ensures that the leadership on the basis of seniority and accountability can access any information at fingertips. It eases manual work such as document collection, information sharing and much more.

Feedback and conversations are synonymous when we talk about Berry, a deep learning employee voice platform that lets you have conversations with your employees on the Slack communication channel and at the same time maintain the anonymity of the conversations just by simple integration. Berry, an employee voice revolution once integrated with your Slack will be able to offer you complete control over feedback addressal so that a great employee experience can be created.

Berry is a digital personality that can be an HR leader’s strongest ally and every employee’s biggest confidant. Berry can help measure and improve employee happiness. Berry uses deep learning to interact, interpret and drive accountability using actionable patterns that it learns. Berry is available to answer simple questions and is capable of having complex conversations with employees. HR Leaders use Berry to run campaigns that help them to understand the pulse of the organization around various topics. Conversations are then analyzed and actionable insights are drawn out instantaneously.