Employee Sentiment

Understanding Employee Sentiment With Berry

Capturing and understanding Employee Sentiments at work is both a necessity and a challenge for HR teams across the globe. A clear sentiment analysis goes a great way in helping leadership make people-centric decisions. From policy making to employee engagement, understanding employee sentiment is indeed the right first step to take for any HR leader. 

Employees today enjoy work flexibility like never before. The time and place of work today can be mutually decided by the employees and employer and with work from home leading the trends, a big communication gap might emerge. One-to-one conversations get replaced by video calls and there are so many of them that it becomes almost impossible to individually fix calls for feedback analysis. At the end of the day, there are unhappy employees and a management that does not know why.

Why employee survey is not the answer?

Conversational AI platform

Online Employee Surveys are the go-to tools used by HR teams to capture how employees are feeling about the various workplace decisions and policies. However, surveys do not always give us the right picture.   

  1. Surveys require you to redirect to third-party applications for feedback every time the company wishes to get insights. A lot of employees do not click such links until and unless mandated by the organization. Hence the sample space reduces.
  2. Surveys are not dynamic. They cannot be customized as per individual responses and therefore offer a generalized version of the same set of questions to all the employees or specific teams alike. 
  3. No defined system to track responses and convert them to actionable insights for the leadership. For example, your current survey tool might not show you which employee is undergoing mental health issues.
  4. Surveys are periodic. They happen once a quarter or half-yearly depending on the policy of the organization. Hence no real-time feedback.

Surveys as we said before do not offer a holistic approach towards understanding employees and this is because they are not fundamentally designed to do so. What we need is to move to a solution that offers more than just mundane survey links. Your employees deserve more than just mundane survey links. Employees open up when they are engaged in humane conversations. Because, the right conversation at the right time with the right person can be truly liberating for the employee and eye-opening for the leadership. 

Sentiment Analysis Via Conversations| A Replacement to Surveys

Conversations are dynamic and they can happen at any time of the day. This gets you the right sentiment from the employees. How someone is feeling about the new holiday plan to rate the appraisal on a scale of 1-5, a humane conversation should lead the charge. The next question is how can we have humane conversations with so many employees at the same time? 

Berry is the answer. Berryworks, a deep learning employee voice platform offers you the best insights just by talking to your employees. That is to say, Berry, our AI friend, talks to employees on a daily basis right from the day they join the organization and takes care of all the employee queries until they exit. Sentiment analysis is the core of Berry and our wide range of templates and questions are carefully designed to extract any negative sentiment that might be present in your organization thus giving more space for opinions from everyone creating a bias-free workplace that is both inclusive and gives equal opportunities. And the best part is it gets integrated into your existing communication channel and starts analyzing the moment it gets the approval. This means that your employees will be able to answer questions and managers will be able to analyze responses without the need to go on third-party software.

Conversations at the platform of your choice can be automated just by a small integration with Berry and open the door to actionable insights that can help you create the best workplace by taking the right decisions at the right time. Its advanced sentiment analysis predicts employee emotions correctly via conversations and most importantly, it can do it for 1000s of employees at the same time. 

How Berry uses Sentiment Analysis

Berry analyses the conversations and adapts to the emotion of the person so that we can be more and more empathetic in our response dynamically in a customized manner. For example, suppose Berry asks Mr. White how was his day and he responds to it with “I don’t want to talk about it”. It clearly is a negative sentiment and Berry will then immediately come up with an empathetic response such as “Hey, some days are good and some are bad. Talking about it might help you feel better” and the string of conversations going on. For every reply, Berry offers a response with a human touch.

Berry then aggregates a lot of data on the basis of the sentiments it receives and our robust analytics uses these scores to derive engagement and offer actionable insights to the leadership so that they can respond to the issues faced by employees with measures backed by solid data.

Let’s take an example of a health insurance package distribution after Covid19 for employees and their families. Did your employees like it? You can know it by conducting a third-party survey but with Berry, you can just initiate a conversation, put a couple of survey questions in it and get your real-time feedback instantaneously.