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Ways to Enhance Employee Experience Through Meaningful Conversations on Slack | A

Employee experience has become the key differentiator for an organization today. How you treat your employees, respond to their queries, initiate meaningful timely conversations, and create policies define the very core of your organization’s culture.  Today millions of messages are exchanged over Slack channels and we tend to rely on it for better communication and seamless collaboration. A platform like Slack, therefore, opens doors to endless opportunities to stay connected and at the same time utilize the various productivity tools that are available on their app store. More than 1 million app developers are writing applications to suit the requirements of organizations and these small tools and utilities have amplified the use case of Slack and redefined it as a holistic platform for organizations that offers solutions for every problem. And why are we bringing this up here? Because the cool engineers at Berryworks have just developed an exciting Slack integration that can enhance employee experience at workplaces to a whole new level. Here’s a deep dive on this. 

What a Berry Integration to your Slack Channels can do for you?

Berryworks with its employee experience platform is here to disrupt the HR tech space and empower every employee with a voice that is listened to at their workplace. With Berry, leaders and managers can directly initiate conversations with their employees at the click of a button through its customized dashboards. The conversations get responded to by Berry’s AI-based conversation analyst that captures the sentiment of the previous message and responds according to it.  

That’s not all, with Berry you replace your old mundane surveys with conversation-based surveys. Conversations that are unique to every employee as defined by the manager and organized by Berry. So you get responses to survey questions for feedback assessment and at the same time get employee sentiment. Combine both of them and you get actionable insights that help you build the employee experience of your choice, identify unhappy employees, and create campaigns accordingly to provide resources to those who need them.

Berry is the complete package that your organization needs to make it happier, engaged, and productive. Berry, an employee voice revolution once integrated with your Slack will be able to offer you the following:                               

  • Anonymous Conversations: Configure and launch campaigns to get the pulse of the organization and have active, anonymous conversations with employees.                   
  • Drive Actions: Recommend and build actions that can be tracked. Drive accountable interactions in the channel of choice.   
  • Deep Dive: Deep dive into what’s working and what’s not for employees in your organization.                    
  • Collate Ideas: Distill ideas and improvement areas from employees quickly and get employees to vote on implementing ideas.           
  • Predict Attrition: Reduce attrition by knowing what is on the mind of your star performers and taking action quickly.
  • Always On: Engage with resources across the globe without being constrained by timelines. Access insights in the channel of choice.    

How to start calculating employee sentiment instantaneously for free?

Berry is now available on slack for a free trial. Now you can integrate Berry with Slack instantaneously and start calculating employee sentiment by using the power of AI-enabled conversations.

All you need here is a workspace on Slack. In case you don’t have one, don’t worry. It’s completely free and here is how you create one

After that, click on Add to Slack on the page redirected from here.

Give in the necessary permissions and you’re good to go. Berry will reach out to all your employees as soon as you finish integrating it. Create campaigns and start exploring the future of HR technology.

Berry, as we said before is a conversational analyst. Install Berry on any of the platforms you are using to communicate and it starts doing what it does best, talk to people from day one. Berry can help you by being there with your employees right from the day they apply to the day they bid goodbye to the organization. A conversational advocate like Berry will continuously talk to your employees and after an AI-based sentiment analysis offers leaders actionable insights. The journey of every employee, their sentiments, response to initiatives, and everything else can be monitored and the best part is all of it is done by maintaining strict anonymity because we care about privacy.