Moments Matter

Moments That Matter with Berry

An employee’s journey in an organization is full of events. Right from the day of Hiring to the last day where the employee bids farewell, there are several moments that matter in an employee’s lifecycle. Are we exploring these moments that matter to our employees? Is the organization’s employee experience strategy committed to making every one of these moments really matter in an employee’s journey?  Happy employees are productive employees. What does it take to create an employee experience that your people deserve? How do we as HR leaders ensure that our people love being at work, be it in a physical office or in a remote setup. How can we be there for them at all stages of the employee life cycle? From hiring to retiring, to building relationships with alumni, an HR leader’s job is never done. 

What are moments that matter?

Moments that Matter according to a report by Gartner for HR* may be defined as the moments that impact an employee’s organizational experience most significantly. In other words, Moments that Matter is about simply identifying the key moments that are important to the employees and then ensuring that these moments are included ‘by design‘ into the organization’s Employee Experience strategies.

Moments Matter

Here are the 4 stages of an employee’s journey at a workplace and the right employee experience strategy means that we have conversations around their needs and aspirations at each of these derived moments, create strategies to ensure there is communication about the needs, and then all of these happen at the right time.

Berry, your employee’s greatest ally and confidant, is designed to support each and every employee on various points of their journey, gathering important insights in the form of feedback and then implementing organizational changes as needed. Here is how Berry can help at some of the moments that matter to the employees.

  • Onboarding: The onboarding process needs to be seamless process. There should not be any dead ends in the system. A systematic recruitment drive means that the applicant is informed of all the steps and also, conveyed if they could not make it (just so they can move on to other opportunities)). The hiring process should include the inputs of your team as well in terms of defining what is required and referrals should be incentivized. Berry, through its seamless integration with the existing communication channel, can communicate with the concerned people in the team, gather the requirements from the team, get approval from managers and ease the interview process. Post interview, Berry becomes the first point of contact for the new employee. All the essential information required such as leave schedule, document submission, project allotment and even introducing the team members can be done by Berry. A lifesaver at remote working right?
  • Employee Journey: Once an employee starts, it is a journey and we believe that it should be a journey with development. It begins with providing the right resources and time to learn a new skill and the freedom to apply those skills without having the fear of how others will react. Employee Voice must be listened to and acted upon. When employees feel valued, they perform better. So the journey can be a roadmap and it depends on you how you wish to design this roadmap for your team and fill it with rewards and recognition and most importantly, value their voice and contributions. As seen from the image above, there are various moments present and they can be different for different companies. So how do we identify the moments? We do so by indulging in conversations. Berry’s AI-based sentiment analysis ensures that you always get the right employee sentiment and you work towards making each and every moment a pleasant one. 
  • Retention & Separation: Retaining top talent, especially during times of this great resignation is important for productivity. Hire the people you believe to have a long-term potential to exist, train them and treat them in a manner that they never feel alienated from the vision of your organization. The best way to do this is to conduct dynamic feedback. The feedback offers you instant information about how an employee is feeling about the various issues and resolutions. Berry helps you get the right feedback and acting upon it ensures employees are happy and your attrition drops.


Berry, as we said before is a conversational analyst. Install Berry on any of the platforms you are using to communicate and it starts doing what it does best, talk to people from day one. Berry can help you by being there with your employees right from the day they apply to the day they bid goodbye to the organization. A conversational advocate like Berry will continuously talk to your employees and after an AI-based sentiment analysis offers leaders actionable insights. The journey of every employee, their sentiments, response to initiatives, and everything else can be monitored and the best part is all of it is done by maintaining strict anonymity because we care about privacy.