Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis & How Berry Uses It

Berryworks, a deep learning employee engagement platform is the modern technology’s answer to all your employee experience strategy needs. Through its innovative and customizable conversation analyst, you can get a handle on real-time employee sentiments on critical issues, understand what they are feeling, and devise solutions that truly make an impact for them.  

We always refer to the word sentiment analysis and its application in various domains but through this blog, we wish to tell you how elaborately Berry manages to use the sentiments to come up with dynamic responses so that your employees can have a digital friend to talk to and one who does not judge, is supportive and always identifies data points that can be used by the administration to derive employee-friendly policies.

So what about the data you share? Well, at Berryworks, we take privacy very seriously. Our systems are designed in a way that all the responses are completely anonymous and no one, not even your manager can know how and what you are responding to. 

What is sentiment analysis?

Theoretically, sentiment analysis may be defined as the process of gauging positive or negative sentiment from texts. Every sentence that we speak has a sort of emotion attached to it. That emotion can be expressed in positive or negative sentiment and its extent can be determined by allotting it a numerical value. Berry works on the same principle. It gives value to your response but the story is not over yet.

How Berry Uses Sentiment Analysis Work?

Berry, the AI-powered employee experience platform uses sentiment analysis extensively so that your employees can have real-time dynamic conversations. Our AI-based system gets seamlessly integrated with your communication channel and starts talking and analyzing from the day a new hire joins the workplace.

As a product, we use sentiment analysis because:

  1. We analyse the conversation and adapt to the emotion of the person so that we can be more and more empathetic in our response dynamically in a customized manner. For example, suppose Berry asks Mr. White how was his day and he responds to it with “I don’t want to talk about it”. It clearly is a negative sentiment and Berry will then immediately come up with an empathetic response such as “Hey, some days are good and some are bad. Talking about it might help you feel better” and the string of conversations going on. For every reply, Berry offers a response with a human touch. 
  2. We aggregate a lot of data on the basis of the sentiments we receive and our robust analytics uses these scores to derive engagement and offer actionable insights to the leadership so that they can respond to the issues faced by employees with measures backed by solid data. 

Let’s take an example of a health insurance package distribution after Covid19 for employees and their families. Did your employees like it? You can know it by conducting a third-party survey but with Berry, you can just initiate a conversation, put a couple of survey questions in it and get your real-time feedback instantaneously.

To sum up, it helps us make our conversations more engaging and realistic and most importantly, humane!