Glassdoor’s Top 3 Best Places to Work Revealed

A good workplace is an oasis of positivity, productivity, and fun. Such places make employees feel belonged and make sure the employee voice is actively listened to and every opinion is taken into account. . A good workplace increases the productivity of the team, helps each one grow by providing learning opportunities, and in the end, listens to you.

Glassdoor, like every year, has listed out its top 3 best places to work in the United States and has been defined as the ones having these 3 important qualities.

Consider culture a core value and commit to operating as a unified team (rather than emphasize hierarchy):  Every team must work for the collective good and while a hierarchy is required for accountability, it should in no way be a means of making others feel low. A happy workplace is one where one can open themselves without the fear of being judged.

Provide benefits that go above and beyond standard offerings: Compensation is an important and integral part of a great employee experience. While money might not be the only parameter to decide whether a workplace is good or not, it is undoubtedly one of the important ones. What is even more important than the overall experience matters. From onboarding to the exit, all the requirements that might arrive during the moments that matter to the employee, an organization must be there to take care of them.

Leverage Glassdoor’s employer profile to hear from their employees and gauge their satisfaction at work: Glassdoor as we know offers a place for employees to share their employee experience. A common thing in all these companies according to Glassdoor is that all of them have approached the workplace from people-first perspectives. Your team is important and taking care of the team has been a priority for companies, especially during this post-pandemic uncertain world.

So without wasting any more time here are the top 3 teams that have made the cut.


With a rating of 4.6, the technology giant is known for making one of the best series of graphic processors for video games. They are also the ones to have invented the first-ever graphic processor. Founded in 1993 with more than 50 offices worldwide, NVIDIA is a great place to work because:

  1. Flexible work-from-home policies with unlimited paid time off.
  2. In addition to competitive base salaries, they’re also well-compensated with a potential “gold mine” when it comes to stock options and restricted stock units.
  3. The company currently offers subsidized child care and ample medical and health coverage to help assist employees and their families.


An organization is known as much for its game-changing marketing automation tool as it is for its much-talked-about ‘Culture Code’. HubSpot founded in 2006 has grown steadily to appear in the top 3 of the large business category.

How does HubSpot make it to this list? 

  1. HubSpot supports a humans-first model with policies like flexible work, unlimited PTO with an additional $1000 towards that time off, and a sabbatical program. 
  2. Partnering with the mental health and coaching platform Modern Health, it offers an impressive range of health benefits.

#3 Bain and Company

Founded in 1973, the company partners with clients from a range of industries helping them tackle everything from organizational change to sales and marketing challenges, mergers and acquisitions, and more. It is one of the selected few companies to have featured on this list for the last 14 years.

  1. It gives priority to focus on skills development. Helping their team grow in their skills, they ultimately get more productivity and better performance.
  2. Featuring excellent team bonding, they create a work culture that works to help each other grow. 

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