HR Technology

HR Technology’s Focus in 2022 & Beyond

Technology, HR Technology to be specific, never fails to impress. Our workplaces are getting a makeover…(virtually!). Something that was seen earlier as a temporary stop-gap measure during the pandemic days, is now being seen as the way forward. Yes, remote working or hybrid working is seen not as the “new” normal but as the inevitable “next” normal. And HR Technology is a key piece in solving the puzzle of “how to create a positive work culture in a hybrid working set-up”.

With meetings to water cooler conversations all going digital, HR has to play an important role in ensuring a positive work culture is maintained while productivity is not compromised. The future of HR technology, therefore, is the future of remote work. Understanding people, their requirements, consultation with leadership, and everything in between has changed and the human resources must accommodate those changes, implement protocols that will create a better employee experience.

Communication is the key to unlocking employee happiness

How is an employee feeling while working from home?

Are they satisfied with the compensation?

Happy with the project allotted?

Why is this person never joining any team-building exercise?

Conversations are important. It makes the employee believe that the organization is actively listening. However, with remote working and hybrid working in progress, many important conversations just might never happen. This results in dissatisfaction and then resignations.

Involve technology in your communication process. Adopting Employee Voice platforms can help you talk to your employees in real-time, gather insights based on their responses so that you can always take necessary action. Employee experiences can define and make or break an organization’s culture. An AI-powered conversational platform helps your organization be your employees’ trusted confidant, helping them with their day-to-day queries, offering an empathetic ear through conversations, and just being there for them – from Day zero up until their exit, and in some cases even beyond that. 

Capture the right EX Score

Numbers speak a lot but it all depends on gathering the right numbers to draw insights. According to Qualtrics, the right way to proceed is by combining the operational data such as basic details, salary history and combining it with the X data or the experience data to come to a conclusion. For example, let’s say that you spent $100K on additional Covid19 cover for health insurance for your team. This is your operational data. Conduct a survey and ask your employees what they think about it, are they able to take advantage of it, their likelihood of using it, etc. Combine these two and think for yourself if the decision is worth taking or not.

Surveys are Mundane, Humane Conversations Are The Future

Surveys do not offer a holistic approach towards understanding employees and this is because they are not fundamentally designed to do so. What we need is to move to a solution that offers conversations instead of surveys. Conversations can change their trajectory based upon the responses given by the employee and thus offer customized responses and analysis for the leadership.

Identify The Moments That Matter

There are many moments in an employee’s life cycle. The first step is to identify those crucial points during the journey, create and improve on the policies accordingly. Being there with your employees at every step during the employee life cycle will ultimately give you enough data to identify and predict moments that matter to your employees.

Moments Matter

Welcome to the Berry Revolution of 2022

Feedback and conversations are synonymous when we talk about Berry, a deep learning employee voice platform that lets you have conversations with your employees on the existing communication channel and at the same time maintain the anonymity of the conversations. Berry, a completely customizable tool starts by identifying the moments that matter to your employees throughout their tenure. It then indulges in conversations at every stage thus giving an ally to the employee with whom they can share everything.

From the employer’s perspective, Berry allows multiple dashboards so that leadership can get reports and insights (all anonymous) so that they can work on them.