Conversational AI platform

How can conversational AI platforms for HR impact employee experience in 2022

Conversations build a team. When employees get a belief that the organization is initiating conversations with them for their well-being, it motivates them to perform better every day. Organizations almost every one of them conducts surveys but are they really conversations? Well, not exactly. Surveys are mundane and happen periodically whereas conversations are dynamic and happen as per the needs of an employee. They are more issue-specific and less generic and always in the moments that matter in an employee’s journey in an organization. The next question that comes to mind is how can we have conversations, especially in enterprise organizations where the sheer employee numbers can be overwhelming and will make it difficult to have one-to-one conversations. The answer is using Conversational AI for HR.

Conversational AI for HR: The Future of Employee Experience

Conversational AI backed by machine learning offers an organization the freedom to eliminate the need to have initial one on one conversations with everybody. Instead, it replaces it with an intelligent digital personality that talks to employees to assess their needs and issues, and reports back to leadership with actionable insights. Thus, the leadership and HR teams can directly focus on solving the problem instead of tediously trying to identify the problem. 

Employee experiences can define and make or break an organization’s culture. A conversational AI platform helps your organization to offer to be your employees’ confidant, helping them with their day-to-day queries, offering an empathetic year through conversations, and just being there for them – from Day zero up until their exit, and in some cases even beyond that.     

A conversational AI tool when integrated with your internal communication channel can talk to your employees. It can be programmed to offer virtual office tours, make new friends, clarify questions about company policies, apply for leaves, and much more. It therefore will act like the first friend your new employee makes and digitally help your employee meet their teammates and get off to a good start. It can further analyze responses and predict flight risks, identify employees facing burnout,  observe disengagement and report back to the leaders.

Conversations as we have said before are important and a conversational AI tool makes initiating conversations that matter easier than ever before. Automated conversations with the agility to respond by sensing the sentiment.

Welcome to the Berry Revolution of 2022:

Feedback and conversations are synonymous when we talk about Berry, a deep learning employee voice platform that lets you have conversations with your employees on the existing communication channel and at the same time maintain the anonymity of the conversations. 

Berry, a completely customizable tool starts by identifying the moments that matter to your employees throughout their tenure. It then indulges in conversations at every stage thus giving an ally to the employee with whom they can share everything. 

From the employer’s perspective, Berry allows multiple dashboards so that leadership can get reports and insights (all anonymous) so that they can work on them. The employee experience platform of the future has these 6 special features that make it unique from others.

  • Anonymous Conversations: Configure and launch campaigns to get the pulse of the organization and have active, anonymous conversations with employees.                   
  • Drive Actions: Recommend and build actions that can be tracked. Drive accountable interactions in the channel of choice.   
  • Deep Dive: Deep dive into what’s working and what’s not for employees in your organization.                    
  • Collate Ideas: Distill ideas and improvement areas from employees quickly and get employees to vote on implementing ideas.           
  • Predict Attrition: Reduce attrition by knowing what is on the mind of your star performers and taking action quickly.
  • Always On: Engage with resources across the globe without being constrained by timelines. Access insights in the channel of choice.        

Berry is therefore a digital personality that can be an HR leader’s strongest ally and every employee’s biggest confidant. Berry can help measure and improve employee happiness. Berry uses deep learning to interact, interpret and drive accountability using actionable patterns that it learns. Berry is available to answer simple questions and is capable of having complex conversations with employees. HR Leaders can use Berry to run campaigns that help them to understand the pulse of the organization around various topics. Conversations are then analyzed and actionable insights are drawn out instantaneously.