Great Resignation

Why Sentiment Analysis is Important in Times of The Great Resignation

The great resignation is engulfing all the major industries alike as employees are leaving companies and shifting to better opportunities and offers and in many cases changing the career path altogether. A record 6.3 million people quit their jobs in November – the JOLTS report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics released earlier this month  revealed this baffling number amongst other statistics around hiring and separation. So why are employees leaving organizations?

When employees are not empathetically listened to and the organization stops making efforts to engage with them through meaningful timely experiences, separation is imminent. Especially during these post-covid (hopefully) times where remote working has become a new normal and more and more work is being increasingly done by professionals all around the world creating more and more opportunities to which employees can apply.

Understanding your employees becomes a major responsibility if you wish to retain your best talent and understanding starts with conversations. Now when we talk of conversations, it becomes very difficult for organizations to actively indulge in conversations with each and every employee as the employee size increases. Hence we require a tool that can indulge in conversations just like a human and gather sentiments anonymously.

Embracing and adopting an Employee Voice Platform to engage with your people in purposeful, empathetic conversations is the first step towards gauging employee sentiments. Such a platform can not only hold these conversations with your employees, but they can also get back to you with actionable insights based on its analysis of the employee sentiments thus gathered. And bingo…every action you take and every decision you make will now be based on true and authentic employee sentiments.

Berry, a deep learning employee voice platform can help you understand and extract employee sentiment from conversations at ease. By talking to your employees daily, Berry our AI chatbot collects feedback and at the same time analyses the feedback to offer actionable insights in a dynamic real-time environment. So how does Berry do it?

Berry can analyze a conversation and adapt to the emotion of the person to give a response that is empathetic, dynamic, and hyper-personalized to the employee with whom that conversation is being held.

For example, when Berry asks an employee about their day and they respond with “I don’t want to talk about it”, it clearly indicates something is not going well for them. So do we shut down or do we continue in an empathetic manner? Here’s what Berry would respond: “Hey, some days are good and some are bad. Talking about it might help you feel better” and the string of conversations goes on based on the employee’s response. For every reply, Berry offers a response with a human touch.

Berry aggregates data on the basis of the sentiments thus received and the robust analytics uses these scores to derive engagement and offer actionable insights to the leadership. This way the leadership teams’ response to the issues faced by employees is not only backed with solid data but also authentic feelings and sentiments of the employees. with measures backed by solid data.

Hence Berry acts as the digital medium between the employees and the employer giving important insights to the leadership to make the workplace a better place to work every day.