Employee Experience

5 Things To Look For In Employee Experience Platforms

It is 2022, and Employee Experience is taking its rightful place in the center stage in every organization’s annual plans. Employee experience platforms in every hue and color are being sought after like hotcakes. With the great resignation slowly taking away the best talent back to the open market, employee retention becomes of paramount importance! The path to retain the best talent is paved with great employee experience at every moment that matters to them. 

A good employee experience platform must be built on understanding the employee sentiment and prioritizing on listening to the employees and then acting accordingly. 

5 Points to help you decide the right Employee Experience Platform for your Organization

  1. Every HR technology platform is designed to work based on the number of employees that would be inducted into it. While deciding or reviewing software/platform, ensure that it fits perfectly to your current employee size and also offers scope for upscaling in the future.
  2. Your employee experience solution should be able to accommodate and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion via its various processes. We are a part of the global village and thanks to remote work, talent from all around the globe are working together to make a difference.
  3. The HR technology that you pick needs to prioritize conversations over mundane surveys. Employees need to feel psychologically safe to share their opinions and concerns and a good employee experience platform must be able to enable conversations and then offer insights based on those conversations.
  4. It should offer cross-platform compatibility and should offer options to sync with the existing communication platform. This way, there will be fewer third-party redirects and more direct communication.
  5. The privacy policy must be thoroughly studied and then decided because data is important.

Berry to the rescue…….

Berryworks, a team of enthusiastic and highly committed individuals have created Berry, a deep learning employee voice platform that offers insights that matter to the leadership while indulging in conversations with the employees that are humane in their core but backed by AI technology. 

Berryworks will be designed as per the team size of your organization. Our team will perform an elaborate analysis of your team size and then explain how Berry can help you. 

Sentiment analysis is the core of Berry and our wide range of templates and questions are carefully designed to extract any negative sentiment that might be present in your organization thus giving more space for opinions from everyone creating a bias-free workplace that is both inclusive and gives equal opportunities.

With customized dashboards and dynamic surveying capabilities, Berry will always give you better insights to make the best policies for your employees. So how do you access Berry?

Well, the best part is it gets integrated into your existing communication channel and starts analyzing the moment it gets the approval. This means that your employees will be able to answer questions and managers will be able to analyze responses without the need to go on third-party software. 

Eg, if you use Slack, Slack is Berry!

Lastly, data is sensitive and data is important. At Berryworks, we value privacy, and thus all our products are designed to be completely anonymous in nature which means none of the managers can access the exact responses and shall only get insights giving more freedom to the employees to voice their opinions.

We have built Berry with love and would love you to witness the future of HR technology yourself. Please visit www.berryworks.ai to request a demo and will schedule a call.