Sentiment Analysis

Show them You Care – Understanding Employee Sentiment Analysis for Workplaces

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”…goes one of the most popular quotes by one of the most popular poets of our times – Maya Angelou. Truer words have neither been uttered before nor after this. From our homes to our workplaces, we only have to turn to these words to ensure smooth happy relationships. Especially at workplaces where emotions, feelings and sentiments are sometimes (maybe even inadvertently) overlooked by data-driven goals and processes. But wait…the good news is…it need not be an ‘either-or’ case, both data-driven and feelings can co-exist. Thanks to technology, employee sentiment analysis is now part and parcel of every process and ever stage in an employee’s journey! 

As leaders, while we acknowledge the importance of gauging the sentiments of our people, the biggest challenge is to figure out the ‘how’ of it. What do we do to get the pulse of the employees’ sentiments? How do we know we know exactly how they feel about various aspects of their journey at their workplace? Before we delve into the ‘how’ of it, let’s understand why is this even needed?

Why do organizations need to adopt employee sentiment analysis?

The Maya Angelou quote we began with is not just for inspirational purposes. A research conducted by McKinsey states that organizations that facilitate a positive employee experience are 1.3 times more likely to report organizational outperformance. There…we said it. A positive employee experience is the first step towards everything from improving an individual employee’s performance at work to attaining an organization’s revenue goals. 

With the ‘Great Resignation’ spreading its wings all over the world, it is imperative that we look within to analyse what is it that we can do from within the organization to prevent this. The solution is simple. Our people are our greatest assets. And keeping them happy and thriving at work is the need of the hour. So…let’s get to the how of this.

Enter...Employee Voice Platforms

In order to influence employee experience and own the ‘moments that matter’  to employees, we need to be able to gauge their sentiments to begin with. Yes, we do have our periodic surveys and feedback mechanisms in place. But we also all know how monologous, impersonal and mechanical employee surveys can get. 

Embracing and adopting an Employee Voice Platform to engage with your people in purposeful, empathetic conversations is the first step towards gauging employee sentiments. Such a platform can not only hold these conversations with your employees, but they can also get back to you with actionable insights based on its analysis of the employee sentiments thus gathered. And bingo…every action you take and every decision you make will now be based on true and authentic employee sentiments. 

Berry - Your Trusted Ally for Employee Sentiment Analysis

Theoretically, sentiment analysis may be defined as the process of gauging positive or negative sentiment from texts. Every sentence that we speak has an emotion attached to it. That emotion can be expressed as a positive or negative sentiment and its extent can be determined by allotting it a numerical value. Berry works on the same principle. It gives a value to your response but the story is not over yet.

Some Scenarios and Berry Conversations

  1. Berry can analyze a conversation and adapt to the emotion of the person to give a response that is empathetic, dynamic and hyper-personalized to the employee with whom that conversation is being held.

    For example, when Berry asks an employee about their day and they respond with “I don’t want to talk about it”, it clearly indicates something is not going well for them. So do we shut down or do we continue in an empathetic manner? Here’s what Berry would respond: “Hey, some days are good and some are bad. Talking about it might help you feel better” and the string of conversations go on based on the employee’s response. For every reply, Berry offers a response with a human touch. 

  2. Berry aggregates data on the basis of the sentiments thus received and the robust analytics uses these scores to derive engagement and offer actionable insights to the leadership. This way the leadership teams’ response to the issues faced by employees is not only backed with solid data but also authentic feelings and sentiments of the employees. with measures backed by solid data.

    Lets take an example of a health insurance package distribution after Covid19 for employees and their families. Did your employees like it? You can know it by conducting a third party survey but with Berry you can just initiate a conversation, put a couple of survey questions in it and get your real time feedback instantaneously.

Employee Sentiments = Analysed and Mission Accomplished

And thus begins a saga of a beautiful journey of an employee in an organization, facilitated by a HR team that actively listens and aided by humane technology. The future of work is here…and it begins with a positive employee experience. Let’s together give our people the experience they deserve.