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Identifying Moments that Matter to Your Employees

Employee experience has finally taken center stage. Especially in the wake of ‘The Great Resignation’ it is all the more important for organizations to focus on their employees’ experiences at work. A good employee experience strategy is the sum total of the experiences that employees go through at the specific personal moments that matter the most to them. Identifying moments that matter hence becomes of paramount importance. As HR leaders it is important to ensure these moments are identified and strategically included in the employee experience strategies.

What are moments that matter?

Moments that Matter according to the Gartner for HR* report may be defined as the moments that impact an employee’s organizational experience most significantly. In other words, Moments that Matter is about simply identifying the key moments that are important to the employees and then ensuring that these moments are included ‘by design into the organization’s Employee Experience strategies.

Every organization is unique in its own accord and hence, we believe that the moments that matter too are unique for each organization. Hence the strategy to the needs of the company. Check out how Team Berryworks can help you design an engaging employee experience strategy.

It all starts with active listening!

Everything said and done, what matters to your employees must come from your employees. To understand that, start creating a feedback process where your employees can share what they feel about decisions, opportunities, personal issues, etc.

When your employees trust in the leadership, a great employee experience journey begins. Start to listen actively and investing in tools that help you do so by staying anonymous yet being able to identify and solve problems.

Create A Journey Roadmap

There are many moments in an employee’s life cycle the first step is to identify those crucial points during the journey, create and improve on the policies accordingly. Being there with your employees at every step during the employee life cycle will ultimately give you enough data to identify and predict moments that matter to your employees. 

Welcome Technology

HR technology has developed tremendously in the past few years and with Covid19 making work from home necessary and no more a choice, more and more CEOs are investing in it for better employee engagement and improved employee experience and performance. It’s time for you to convert your HR data into insights so that you are able to understand your employees better and technology will definitely play a very important part in it.

Berry is a digital personality that can be an HR leader’s strongest ally and every employee’s biggest confidant. Berry can help measure and improve employee happiness. Berry uses deep learning to interact, interpret and drive accountability using actionable patterns that it learns. Berry is available to answer simple questions and is capable of having complex conversations with employees. HR Leaders use Berry to run campaigns that help them to understand the pulse of the organization around various topics. Conversations are then analyzed and actionable insights are drawn out instantaneously.

Berry - Your Trusted Confidant at Every ‘Moment That Matters’

Berry can help you by being there with your employees right from the day they apply to the day they bid goodbye to the organization. A conversational advocate like Berry will continuously talk to your employees and after an AI-based sentiment analysis offers leaders actionable insights. The journey of every employee, their sentiments, response to initiatives, and everything else can be monitored and the best part is all of it is done by maintaining strict anonymity because we care about privacy.