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The Art of Taking A Break to Stay Productive

John is facing yet another crisis at the workplace. Working from home (thanks Covid-19) he is finding the lines blurring between personal and professional time., On good days, he procrastinates (because no one is watching right?) only to end up with missed deadlines and bad impressions. On bad days, he is unable to have his meals properly as he is constantly engrossed in finishing his work. With zero exercise and delicious food, his health is taking a hit. It seems like by the time work from the office begins and the time to leave his pajamas come, it will be a sad goodbye.  

Is Mr. John’s story in any way an actual representation of the reality of working from home? The endless meetings and notifications from collaboration tools, a laptop on a desk (sometimes on the couch), some coffee (make it loads of coffee), and endless stories of working tirelessly. All this only to be left with a feeling of being burnt out occasionally and during other times, stressing over your tight schedules and constant sense of hurriedness. 

According to Microsoft’s Work Trend Index, time spent on Microsoft Teams meetings has doubled with an average meeting time increased by 10 minutes to around 45 minutes per meeting. Also, 45% more chats are being exchanged with a 42% increase in chats sent after work hours.

Well, I am sure many of you must have felt the same at some point in the last couple of years. While we can not reduce your workload, we are here to share some amazing techniques of taking a break that you can apply to stay productive. 

The Pomodoro Sprint Technique at Work

Break Productivity

The art of taking a break starts when you start taking breaks. Pomodoro sprint principle basically designed for athletes can work for you too. Basically, divide your tasks into short sprints (yeah, similar to sprints in Jira), start the mini task designed and then take a small break to enjoy. While the sprint should be defined by you, we suggest doing a small part of your work for straight 55 minutes and then immediately leave it and take a 5-minute break. 

It refreshes your mind. But the next question is what do I do when I am on a mini-break as small as just 5 minutes?

What Do I Do With Just 5 Minutes?

Break Productivity

The answer is, a lot!

Here are a few ideas from our side for you to begin with!

  • Take this time to drink a generous glass of water. It’s really important to keep ourselves hydrated and a habit of drinking some water after every hour will keep you healthy. 
  • Do what you love. Play the guitar, practice your dribbling skills, finish your diary entry (or begin if you haven’t) and the list goes on.
  • Use your phone, talk to a friend, play that crossword puzzle in the newspaper, finish a chapter from the book.
  • Walk around the room and stretch your body.
  • Go outside your workroom and talk to your family members. See what they are doing and give a helping hand if possible.

The number of ideas are only limited to your creativity and the willingness to try new things. You have earned this 5-minute break…so make the most of it. Personalize it according to your needs and spend your breaks doing something that relaxes your mind and then return with a fresh mind and more energetic approach. Repeat this and you can treat yourself with longer breaks after say 4 successful sprints.

Finished Targets = Awesome Treats

Treat Productivity

Procrastination affects employees’ ability to meet deadlines. Nobody likes to be late and it is completely normal to sometimes feel tired and take things easy. The problem starts when it starts to become a part of our lives. We all must at all costs avoid procrastinating as a habit or else, our breaks will always be stressful.

Schedule your work and set small rewards for yourself that you will give yourself if you successfully complete it. If task A has to be completed in three days but you know it can be done in one, apply the sprint technique and finish it before time and if you are able to do it, you treat yourself with a movie (that is my motivation, yours can be anything you like).

You know what is the best part of it, your treat will always be a stress-free treat and you will always be on time. The moral of the story is that scheduling of your tasks is important to enjoy your breaks.

Once you enjoy your breaks, you will find that your productivity slowly increases and you are able to do more in a sprint on each passing day.

Be Creative & Organized!

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