Employee Burnout

Subtle Signs to Watch Out at Workplace for Employee Burnout

In this fast paced competitive world, employee burnout is observed in organizations of all sizes. Often neglected by the management, employee burnout can lead to health issues, performance degradation and can even result in employees leaving your organization. 

Nearly 42% of the employees participating in a survey conducted by FlexJobs say they face high stress levels at work. According to the same report, employees are 3 times more likely to report poor mental health than as compared to prior to the pandemic.

However, it is also times like these that the human connection we have with our colleagues becomes all the more critical. Needless to say, while technology has helped us stay connected, it can also be overwhelming if not done right. The constant need to stay online, be available and respond to emails/Slack messages at all hours is indeed resulting in a burnout.  

Employee burnout if not attended proactively and with empathy, will sooner or later be visible in the performance of the employee and over a period of time in the performance of the organization itself. 

So how do you identify that an employee is not able to manage their work and is facing burnout issues? 

How to identify employees facing burnout?

Understanding employee sentiment

Disengagement: Pause a moment. Think of those of your teammates/employees who have always been responsive to emails and active on Slack. Have any of them gone silent? Or less active? This could be a classic sign of disengagement. They could just be feeling overwhelmed with everything going on around. Maybe it is time to have a coffee break with them.

Decrease in Productivity: One of the most obvious signs I would say. If your star performer is less excited to take up new projects or tasks and is faltering on their deadlines more than often, they might just be dealing with a little too much on their plate. It is time to have a friendly check-in time with them!

Inability to Comprehend Feedback & Suggestions: The way you respond to your texts or talk in general speaks a lot about you. If you are sensing irritability in responses to your suggestions or too much of a no to/not possible to ideas, such employee’s allotted tasks needs to be reassessed.

Employee burnout can be a real deal breaker to the vision of the organization and steps need to be taken to minimize its impact on the employees’  mental health and the organization’s growth. Since we are stuck at something between work from home and back to work, it is really difficult to have quality conversations with your employees and understanding them is the first step to solve any employee issue. 

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