AI Employee Experience

5 Key Focus Areas Where AI Can Enhance Employee Experience

There is an invisible strong chain of processes that links every successful organization – its work culture and how much they value their employees. And it all begins with a purposeful, consistent effort to explore all tools and processes to enhance employee experience. Because these organizations believe being employee-centric is the roadmap to being customer-centric which in turn leads one to the ultimate revenue goals. It all fits like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Isn’t it? Thus, reimagining and reengineering the role of the HR community the world over. HR teams are consciously investing time and effort on not just prioritizing but also in some cases, overhauling their employee experience strategies in recent years. 

HR Expert and Leader, Josh Bersin has rightly pointed out that an employee experience strategy needs to be built into the everyday work of an employee. That is, it is not something outside of a person’s workday. Rather, it is part and parcel of every employee’s daily work. Neither is it a one-time or a bi-annual effort by the HR team. It takes the continuous, consistent, and to an extent real-time effort of the HR team to create a robust employee experience strategy. In short, a great employee experience is a marathon…and not a sprint. And technology (AI) is the baton that every HR team carries with it in this crucial marathon effort.

Using technology to make a human connection

HR technology, especially after the pandemic, has moved on to the “must-have” from the “good-to-have” category in an HR team’s toolkit. No wonder then that it is almost redundant to call it HR tech…it is now “work tech”. With the advent of AI and Machine Learning, the role of technology itself has also moved on from just providing or collating data to giving the HR teams actionable insights on employee behavior and sentiments. Thus, enabling HR teams to make empathetic decisions that are a true win-win. With AI as the key arsenal in their toolkit, HR teams are better equipped to make a connection and engage with employees at a more humane level than ever before. AI has thus become an enabler of human connections at the workplace. Ironic…but so so true!

Five Focus Areas That AI can Humanize for Employees and HR Teams

1. Onboarding

What Employees Want: A Smooth and Empathetic onboarding experience.

How AI Enables This: Systems enabled with AI and Deep Learning software like Berryworks can present HR leaders with patterns from inputs provided by new hires. Not only that, such tools can break down the employee onboarding journey into bite-sized actionable chunks for new hires and managers. Data from ATS or CRM can be plugged in and the onboarding process thus automated. 

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2. Continuous Engagement

What Employees Want: An engagement strategy that listens to them at the moments that matter the most.

How AI Enables This: With employee experience software like Berry heralds a culture of “always be listening” in the workplace. When someone listens empathetically, acts on the suggestions, and responds to the management with honesty, engagement begins. Investing in a tool that is powered by AI can therefore be one of the best decisions HR leaders can take to increase employee engagement.

3. Diversity & Inclusion

What Employees Want: A workplace that gives an equal opportunity for everyone to thrive.

How AI Enables This: Tools such as Berry empowers an organization to create an environment where everyone, regardless of their age, gender, race, sexuality, or ethnicity can have an honest conversation and share their viewpoints openly and freely. The insights generated by the employees are then turned into actions that the organization can take to make improvements. It creates a holistic place for employees to work and recommend others to join them as well.

4. Rewards & Recognition

What Employees Want: Efforts and hardwork to be noticed and rewarded meaningfully.

How AI Enables This: Employee software solutions such as Berryworks can make recognition a part of your culture and effectively reminds the teams when recognition is due. Berry holds managers accountable for rewarding their people at the right time. Reducing Bias, giving easy access and the right rewards create a seamless experience for your employees.

5. Remote Work & Productivity

What Employees Want: A flexible workplace culture that helps them balance work and personal life.

How AI Enables This: To understand what’s working and what’s coming in the way of effective working for your team, Berry can provide your team the ability to assess the ease of collaboration and provide specific insights around manager’s and team’s trust and support. Be it employee engagement strategy or employee well-being and retention strategy, Berry provides the ability to chat with employees on a regular basis. This helps assess the ‘mood’ of the organization on a regular basis and provides deep insights into the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of the employees.

Berry is a digital personality that can be an HR leader’s strongest ally and every employee’s biggest confidant. Berry can help measure and improve employee happiness. Berry uses deep learning to interact, interpret and drive accountability using actionable patterns that it learns. Berry is available to answer simple questions and is capable of having complex conversations with employees. HR Leaders use Berry to run campaigns that help them to understand the pulse of the organization around various topics. Conversations are then analyzed and actionable insights are drawn out instantaneously.