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Technology – The Great Enabler for an Employee Experience Strategy that Delivers

We continue to tightly manage costs and improve efficiency even as we invest to grow and drive our digital transformation. Over the longer term, we believe we will continue to achieve gradual efficiency improvement, driven by growth and digital productivity gains.

Richard D. Fairbank, Founder and Executive Chairman, CEO & President, Capital One Financial Corporation

What is it that makes a brand? What is that makes a unique image that defines your product and makes it stand out in a marketplace overflowing with similar products? What helps your company or organization get that edge over others? Why is it that some companies are considered to be utopia while we are wary of reaching out to some others? Yes, what makes your brand unique is reflected in the way you build your product, how you promote it, in the way your website talks to visitors, and much more. However, the one key, to building a brand that stands out is the people who build the brand. And hence, a robust employee experience strategy is the key to building a brand that people would want to be associated with.

It’s the employees that build your vision for the product, make it their life’s purpose to ensure it is loved by your customers, and what more, they are responsible for the roadmap of your vision itself! With employees handling such a big mantle on their shoulders, it becomes the responsibility of every leader to in turn provide the employees with an experience that takes into account the needs of everybody and at the same time ensures that it seamlessly integrates with the uniqueness and diverse culture of the brand.

Shaping an inclusive employee experience strategy that values every employees’  voice, feelings and is also designed to intuitively act upon the voice is definitely the need of the hour. This does not just boost productivity but is also a key factor in improving the retention numbers. And of course, in the long term, this helps build a brand that generations to come will cherish and remember.

How can implementing technology, integrating it with an employee’s journey in an organization, help in not just motivating people but also encourages them to recommend their workplace to others?

A Tech-Enabled Unified ‘Hiring to Retiring’ Employee Experience Strategy

A digital tool can create a dynamic protocol that seamlessly handles employee conversations, interviews, recruitment processes, office tours, rewards distribution, and everything else that is a part of an employee’s journey in an organization.

Imagine an AI assistant that schedules meetings, transfers documents submitted by the joinees directly to the HR department, welcomes new recruits with a smile, and helps them get to know the rest of their team. Seems wonderful right?

Well, that is just the tip of the iceberg on how technology can get into your employee lifecycle, learn continuously all the time and provide the best onboarding experience. 

Employee Voice Matters & Unbiased Tech Helps

It is not humanly possible for a leader to listen to all the employees. Especially, when the sample space of employees increases and everybody is engrossed in a diverse range of opportunities. Yes, HR Assistants can always be appointed but how do we ensure that they are not biased. There is unconscious bias present inside everybody, it may not be deliberate but it creates difficulties in ensuring that the correct sentiment reaches the leadership.

A software, more than anything, is unbiased. It will not judge or put up a biased review of anybody. This helps in voices being listened to in the system and acted upon. Berry, for example, does regular sentiment analysis via conversation and further converts that data into actionable insights. Technology will therefore help you understand your team better and identify any problem that they may be facing.

Technology, therefore, can help you automate the various processes inside a company thus helping the human resources, managers, and leaders on taking action. Technology can help you create a better employee experience and Berry, a deep learning employee voice platform can help you.

Like Josh Bersin, the prominent HR leader rightly quotes “The customer experience is dependent on the employee experience”. So every time we give our undeterred focus on the employee experience strategy, it is a step forward in creating a superior experience for customers. And hence, setting the organization on the roadmap to success! 

Berry is a digital personality that you can employ to measure and improve employee happiness – who can interact, interpret and drive accountability using actionable patterns that it learns. Berry is available to answer simple questions and is capable of having complex conversations with employees.

Employers use Berry to run campaigns that help them to understand the pulse of the organization around various topics. Berry then analyzes the conversations and makes actionable insights available instantaneously.