Employee Voice Software

Making sense of the Maze that is Employee Voice Softwares – Berry to the Rescue

There are a plethora of tools, software, and platforms designed to capture Employee Voice. The market is flooded with software and solutions to actively engage with employees. So much so that the HR community is caught in a maze. 

It clearly seems to be a case of plenty when it comes to Employee Experience or Employee Voice platforms. Now more than ever, HR leaders world over are actively seeking solutions that can help them provide a happy and psychologically safe workspace for their employees as well as give them actionable insights to work upon. And we are saying this not just in the wake of the tsunami that hit the HR community unawares – The Great Resignation of 2021! 

What is employee voice software and why should HR Leaders invest in it?

So, how do we make sense out of this maze? How does an HR manager caught in the daily humdrum of tasks ensure a purposeful and insight-driven employee engagement strategy for their teams? In a typical workplace, managers are busy coordinating a whole bunch of tasks – from project management, delivery, team management, engaging the teams, and much more.  Most often employee engagement and collating employee voice happens over surveys taken on Google Forms, and the data is probably used to present in a leadership meeting. Managers and HR teams are aware of their teams working hard, but a pulse on the exact employee sentiment at the workplace? That still seems like a mirage everyone chases. 

An employee voice software is an answer to all the problems that you can find in that paragraph above. It is the crucial link between the employees and the employer. A bridge that ensures that employees are happy, engaged, and feeling psychologically safe. Global studies reveal that 79 percent of people who quit their jobs quote ‘lack of appreciation as their reason for leaving. 

An employee voice software ensures that you are continuously and actively listening to your employees with the help of technology and making policies that actually matter to them. While there is a wide range of software available in the market to do this job, do ensure you put your money on something that is crafted for you and suited for all your needs.

Berryworks: A Deep Learning AI Based Employee Voice Platform

Berry is a Deep Learning employee voice software that powers your transformation with personalized interactive actions and machine-learned insights. She is your AI friend that talks to your employees whenever they wish to and curates valuable insights about their mental health, work-related pressure, and any other challenges they may be facing.

Consistent Employee Engagement is what Berry delivers by identifying problems and helping leaders to solve them. 

How do we make it happen?

Berry is installed into your internal communication channels or available as a web application. She has active conversations with your employees, managers, and leaders using natural language and drives accountability to mold the state of your organization based on positives, improvement areas, and ideas that are extracted using machine learning.

To sum up, Berry engages in conversations, which are then converted into solutions. But how does the leadership team benefit from this? Here’s how: 

  • Quick Onboarding: Berry ensures that the onboarding process is a delightful experience for your new recruits. From the first welcome message to set up credentials to a digital office tour, you name it and Berry does it. It feels awesome when someone is treated like family right from Day 1. Doesn’t it? 
  • One-Click Campaigns: No more redirects to third-party sites to conduct surveys. With a dedicated dashboard, managers can create engaging surveys within minutes selecting questions from our library or adding their own and directly sending them to the communication channel. Berry also reminds your employees to complete the surveys on time.
  • Ideas Converted to Actions: Empower every employee to openly present their unique ideas to a broader audience. The aggregated ideas are brought back to the organization for voting and thus building a collaborative and agile team. So next time an employee wants to organize a movie show, all brilliant suggestions reach directly to everybody within the organization via their internal communication channel.
  • Real Time Insights, Every Time: Get real-time insights that are personalized based on an organization’s hierarchy and role. Deep dive at the click of a button without having to wait for days or months to get analytics. Berry will be monitoring 24*7 and hence you can be assured that the data is available whenever you need it.

Berry is a digital personality that you employ to measure and improve employee happiness – who can interact, interpret and drive accountability using actionable patterns that it learns. Understanding your employees is important and that is what we are saying throughout this blog. Understanding them, investing in them, and helping them grow is what it takes to build a team people will look forward to work in.

Berry can help you create that team.