Employee Burnout

The Great Resignation of 2021. What did companies get wrong?

A pandemic-induced work from home culture brought with it huge lifestyle changes for most of us. When the workforce became so habitual to remote working, it was expected that there will be challenges when offices finally open up. “The Great Resignation is Coming,” said Anthony Klutz, assistant Professor of management at Texas A&M. It has led to a lot of individuals finding alternate opportunities to avoid returning to the office. People are opting for alternate career paths where they are able to find a job that gives them the balance and it is one of the major reasons giving rise to The Great Resignation of 2021.

A study conducted by Visier states that it has seen a tremendous increase in the number of resignations during July – September even during the ongoing pandemic.

The pandemic did affect us both physically and mentally. Our lifestyles changed. Meetings changed. Office parties vanished. Colleagues were no longer sitting beside your desk but were replaced by computer screens with the mic turned off.

As per a survey conducted by Gartner titled “Future of Work Trends Post Covid 19”, it is expected that at least 48% of the workforce will be working from home.

So where did the companies go wrong while understanding the employee sentiment? Every employee deserves to voice out their opinions. While work from home was an uncalled-for gift by the pandemic, a return to work 5 days a week is also an unexpected call back by the leadership.

Have you surveyed the employees for their willingness to join back work full time? If someone is working from home for more than a year, it will not be a cakewalk for them to join the very next day. Taking their opinions into account ensures that they are being made a part of the decision-making process allowing them to trust the organization. A smooth transition requires the willingness of both the parties concerned. Let us try having that with surveys. Berryworks can help you with that.

The trouble begins when the opinions of the employees are not taken into account while making crucial decisions that involve them directly. There are so many companies out there who will be more than happy to take your employees and offer them a better work environment. You never bet on the strategies, you bet on the people. It is therefore very important to have the right talent working with you.

The Great Resignation of 2021 is engulfing the whole of the United States and sooner or later, even your employees will consider switching. How you have treated them with opportunities and guidance will eventually determine which way they proceed.

Employee sentiment must be understood and Berry, a deep learning employee voice platform does exactly the same. Berry will constantly be in touch with all your employees, engage them in conversations, analyze those conversations and it will automatically inform the leadership About any negative trends that emerged from the conversations.

Your huge volumes of employee data are of no use unless it is converted into insights that can be used to design programs and policies for the future. Berry will help you do that easily, timely, and with less noise.