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HR Tech Trends in a Post-Pandemic Hybrid Workplace

History stands testimony to the fact that in the aftermath of every crisis lies a plethora of changes and opportunities. And so it is in a post-pandemic world, where the Hybrid Work Model brought with it a huge shift in the way we work. From spending hours commuting to work, all we have to do now is walk over to the desk in the living room. Conference rooms have gracefully given way to Zoom meetings. Every other aspect of our work life transformed and with it the role of the HR community. 

A study by Mckinsey states that finance, management, professional services, and information sectors have the highest potential for remote work. Companies have continued to promote remote work to keep their business going. As per Gartner’s Future of Work Trends, as high as 48% of people will still be working from home. Looks like this new culture of work is indeed here to stay.

The hybrid work model has become the ‘new normal’ in the way work is done. And hence, it is critical that organizations adopt tools and strategize processes to understand employee sentiments on an ongoing basis in the absence of in-person communication. 16%of the employers admit that they are collecting passive employee data that includes virtual login/logout data, computer/ phone usage, location or movement, and internal chats via emails. But then, data alone does not give us insights into employee sentiments. So, a clear employee experience map needs to be created to ensure a happy work culture even in a hybrid/remote work model. This will ensure employees working from a remote location do not feel left out and can avail resources to be at their best. Such an experience also provides them with a humane voice to listen to and work on their issues. So yes, it is definitely true that the pandemic has opened a much wider range of responsibilities for the HR community to run the offices remotely.

Abhishek Mundhra, COO, and co-founder of Berryworks is working hard to make Employee Voice heard via their innovative AI-based solutions. He answers some questions on the Future of Work and Trends in HR Tech.

Q1) The future of work, hybrid work model is here to stay. How likely will technology help the HR leaders in their day-to-day responsibilities?

Technology is indeed an enabler. Remote work has certainly changed the way we get work done. It is also hard for leaders, managers to get a pulse of their employees on an ongoing and real-time basis. The HR team can no longer conduct face-to-face 1:1 meetings or focussed group discussions. So, an Employee Voice platform will enable them to understand sentiments and take action in a timely fashion, all at the click of a button.

Q2) How can HR Tech help employees achieve their potential at work?

HR tech can assist in building a relationship with the employee right from the beginning from onboarding and continue it throughout the employee’s tenure at the company.  From answering simple questions about onboarding to welcoming them into the company culture to performance management, everything can be done in seconds with the help of the right HR tech tools and platforms. This will enable the HR teams to focus their efforts and time on higher-value work.  Technology can also be programmed to answer questions on performance and mental health issues. Usually, this could take a few days for the employee to get an answer but with the help of technology, this can be done in seconds achieving better outcomes and happiness for both employees and organizations. 

Q3) Lastly, how can HR Tech aid in implementing strategies for Diversity & Inclusion, Employee Engagement, and Employee Retention?

The key to designing a healthy D&I policy or a robust employee engagement/retention strategy is to consciously pave a way to actively listen to every employee’s voice. This way employees will feel listened to, and also can share their sentiments in a fear-free manner. At Berryworks, we strongly believe and live by our tagline – Work should be fun. Work will be fun when every employee feels free to be their own true self and when they feel safe to express their thoughts. And this means every product and solution we develop works with this goal in focus. For instance, Berry’s Employee Voice platform provides just this – real-time actionable data and insights for the HR teams and a happy workplace for the employees. After all, almost half of our time is spent on work. So…why not make it a happy place? 

Berry is a digital personality that you employ to measure and improve employee happiness – who can interact, interpret and drive accountability using actionable patterns that it learns. Berry is available to answer simple questions and is capable of having complex conversations with employees. Employers use Berry to run campaigns that help them to understand the pulse of the organization around various topics. Berry then analyzes the conversations and makes actionable insights available instantaneously.