Back to Office

Back to Office Tips for Employees

What we are currently going through is unprecedented. Unseen or unknown so far. Yes, the pandemic wreaked havoc, in our lives and all over the world. It definitely is an unparalleled crisis. But…with every crisis, also comes an opportunity. A change. A shift to a Next Normal. 

It really wouldn’t be an understatement if we say, the most prevalent change in the Next Normal is the “way we work”. Or simply put, the culture of “working from home” or “remote working”. 

Many people are out to work but we are still locked inside our homes with our laptops, a good internet connection, and Netflix. Such has been this change that work from home, which was initially implemented as a temporary measure has now become a part of our lifestyles. Going back to the office almost seems like a hassle now.

However, times have improved and thanks to the scientists and doctors we have vaccines and slowly and steadily the vaccination drive is gaining pace. As per CNBC, a whopping 52 percent of individuals have been given at least one doze and over 42 percent have been fully vaccinated. A humble beginning to defeat the coronavirus.

BUT, back to office derives an all-new definition in this Next Normal. New colleagues or maybe even a new office altogether. For many of us, the changes will be hard to adapt to. It will not be easy as everybody has been affected physically or mentally in some way or the other. So how do we begin?

Get Vaccinated if you haven’t: Most importantly, before you begin going to the office, make sure that you have been vaccinated, at least one dose. This, as doctors advice, is our most reliable route to survival. So…Get your jab.

Stay Cautious to Stay Safe: Always remember, while the vaccination drive is still in full swing, the virus is in our midst. And worse, it is mutating. Covid19 responsive behavior is still required and it is needed that we do not let our weapons down at this crucial moment. Stay sanitized, have enough fluids, undergo regular temperature checks, and most important of all, wear a mask. It’s very inconvenient but that is the best defense we have against this invisible enemy.

 Decide on a hybrid Work Model: While it is commendable to begin, it is advisable to take small steps as we begin our climb. Have a discussion with your team or manager or your HR. Decide on a  model of work where you attend the office for a limited number of days and work from home for the rest of the week. A couple of days at the office and the rest working from home is a good way to start.

Seek expert help: Nobody ever saw or imagined that a small virus will affect our lifestyle to such a great extent. We have all lost some part of our lives as we strive to move forward. But you do not have to go through this stress and trauma alone.  Seek expert help for your mental health in case you are feeling that it is becoming out of control for you and you are not able to manage. Remember, we are all in this together and we will come out victorious. Visit CDC for a better analysis. Remember, your well-being matters.

There will be great days ahead and we will be able to enjoy them like we used to. Humanity will rise and defeat this virus. All we have got to do is to be cautious, get vaccinated, and slowly and steadily start rejoicing the little things that make us smile.