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What is People Analytics & how do I get started?

Individuals come together and form a team. A team that works with a common goal under leadership. With luck and hard work, teams increase in numbers. While this increase in numbers means that you are getting closer to your vision, it also implies an increase in diversity. Different people with unique skill sets combine and there comes people analytics in the picture. Your workspace is a mine of data generated every day and people analytics is all about deriving actionable insights from this data.

So what is people’s analytics?

People analytics collects employee data through multiple channels and user journeys. It provides insights into the team, processes, and practices. It helps transform the available data (structured or unstructured) into actionable insights. This helps decision-makers interpret business and data to improve the factors that impact most through a data-driven approach. Solutions that help in people analytics also need to provide actionable insights in real-time and influence action to offer organizations a strategic opportunity to successfully weather a fast-moving, ever-changing business environment.

People Analytics

There is always a lack of resources to be able to analyze and interpret the huge data available manually. The sheer volume of data that teams need to process can mute the impact of these teams. Not surprisingly, according to our research, only 2 percent of organizations can be classified as high-performing in people analytics. Many organizations are turning to technology to provide greater support to teams and to help drive productivity.

Interpret that data, analyze it with dashboards, sentiment scores and create a holistic approach towards designing future policies. This is where analytics comes into the picture. Invest in solutions that can help you interpret the data and convert it into actionable insights.

Many organizations are rich in people data but short on resources that can help create insights and inform action to maximize worker productivity and achieve business objectives. Its time for you to start preparing for the digital revolution by taking small steps at a time. Remember, it all starts with step 1.

People Analytics