Active Listening Leadership

Infusing Active Listening with Leadership!

Good orators are assumed to also be good leaders. . They can talk eloquently and make people believe in their ideas and deliver speeches that instill the zeal for people to give their all at work but is that all? With great power also comes great responsibilities. How often do leaders listen more than talk? How often do leaders listen with the intention to understand, empathize and take appropriate timely action?  It is not necessary that a good speaker is always a good listener and in today’s corporate workspace, listening or actively listening is imperative to building a thriving work culture.

I only wish I could find an institute that teaches people how to listen. Business people need to listen at least as much as they need to talk. Too many people fail to realize that real communication goes in both directions.

Lee Iacocca, former president and CEO, Chrysler Corporation

Here are  few quick ways to reflect on how keen and actively the leader in you listens to their team members: 

Are you Listening Without Bias?

Bias, you see can be present in every workspace. Everybody is different as they come from different walks of life and have a different skill set. There is an old saying that everybody is a slave to psychology. People judge both consciously and unconsciously. Read our blog solving the Unconscious Bias at Workplace to find out how.

As a leader, it becomes your responsibility to listen to each and every employee of yours without having a bias against them. This will not only improve the decision making abilities but will also strengthen your bond with your employees.

Do you Welcome Constructive Criticism?

All leaders and decision makers are prone to criticism. It’s not always about how good you are trying to do or what results you are achieving. Let the leader inside you listen to every criticism and  work on them.

This creates a trust bond with the employees and they start speaking more freely.

Do you Value Every Voice?

Create an atmosphere where every employee feels free to contribute to a solution. No suggestion that is given in the interest of the company should be ignored. A good listener must include everybody in the decision-making process.

It is your employees who are the pillars of your company. If you are confident enough to hire them to do a job for you, you should be willing to listen to what they need to say. Every contribution on the brainstorming counts.

Are your Feedback/Survey Processes Consistent & Automated?

When the numbers increase, it becomes really difficult to listen to everybody. Jeff Bezos (Founder, Amazon) might not be talking to everybody in the company but he sure knows what is happening. So how does he do that?

Well, that is the power of technology. Ensure that as you are increasing your numbers you start using tools that help you capture employee voice via feedbacks and surveys.

Berry, an AI based solution can help you do that. It can provide the leaders with actionable insights which can be used to create employee friendly strategies. Visit us to know more.

Do you have regular awareness and training sessions on Diversity & Inclusion?

Today, thanks to technological advancements and remote working capabilities, top talent from all around the world can collaborate together. When the diversity increases, so do the challenges of ensuring everyone’s well-being. . Different habits, unconscious bias, opposite opinions and much more. To bring inclusiveness amongst your employees so that they learn more working with each other, it is important to organize D&I workshops.

Organize webinars with D&I experts, HR leaders, Employee Happiness experts from time to time so that your team is constantly updated with the issues others might be facing and they start to learn to be inclusive to listen better.