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Remote Work Upsetting your Employee Engagement Strategies? Here’s How You Can Fix It!

The pandemic has indeed shaken every aspect of our work life. Remote working is fast becoming the ‘future of work’ as we know it today. This paradigm shift in our working style now calls for an overhaul of our employee engagement strategies. How do we keep employees engaged and inspired every day? And how do we track and plan activities to consistently improve employee experience in a remote working setup? 

HR teams and CEOs from all over the globe are tackling these challenges day in and day out. Technology is indeed looking like the light at the end of the tunnel in these challenging times. Everything seems to be in a mess and your organizational structure is probably facing many issues such as lack of a proper communication channel, on-boarding, and debarring procedures, adhering to timetables and the list can go endless.

How do we ensure our employees feel connected even when they are away from the office with practically just an internet connection, a laptop, and no one from the office to talk to face to face? The list of employee issues can be endless but the solution starts with Active Listening. Someone could be battling a mental health issue whereas on the other hand there is also someone whose productivity has shot up while working from home. It, therefore, depends from person to person and it is the responsibility of the leadership teams to actively listen to everybody and build strategies that ensure the wellbeing of their teams.

Inform, Educate, Introspect & Initiate:

Information is useless until it is transferred at the right time. Start creating schedules of meetings by taking everybody’s opinion. While we are all working from home, timing is the key. A schedule has to be implemented for the smooth functioning of the company.

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Fun Matters:

While everyone was at the office, planning engagement activities and games were quite easy. You could celebrate festivals together, organize pizza parties and so much more. Well, to ensure that your employees do not start to feel disengaged, it becomes important not to miss the fun part of work. Organize online seminars, talent shows, comedy nights, etc, and help your employees stay together virtually. Read our blog on team-building exercises to learn more.

Listening to Understand:

We all are facing problems due to the pandemic and it is very natural to feel frustrated. Analyze individuals who are not able to perform as expected and try talking to them in person. Having 100s of employees and this is becoming increasingly difficult. Well, we suggest you start employee satisfaction surveys and analyze the data to plan strategies. Berryworks has excellent eNPS survey solutions that can give your leadership actionable insights which will help them build policies that matter.

To sum up, work from home or Remote Working, or hybrid working as a concept has been there with us for a long time but have been utilized fully after covid19 hit. We have to fight covid together and at the same time do our business too. By introducing technology, being more human, understanding employees we can surely make this new form of working the better form of working. All we have got to do is to ACTIVELY LISTEN.

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