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Strengthening your D&I policies? Always Listen Actively to Your Employees

A good listener is someone who listens to understand and not just reply. Your office is full of people coming from different walks of life each having their own identity, skills, and way of responding to problems. Having a diverse workspace calls for inclusiveness. So how as a leader can you ensure that there is balance in the workplace?

Active listening must be embedded in the core leadership to ensure that all the voices in your organization are heard. Your team is your most important asset and hence it is your responsibility to listen to everyone, solve their issues and provide them a comfortable platform to perform the very best of themselves.

There can be several ways in which you can actively listen to your employees. A good human resource management system that keeps everybody engaged is an added advantage. Conduct surveys that understand the pulse of your employees. Use technology to assist your employees but at the same time be available personally when they need you. It’s a family, always remember. Conduct diversity and inclusion seminars, host workshops, indulge in bonding activities, and do everything else in between that can bring different individuals together into a strong team.

Here’s Swati Bakshi, CEO Berryworks stressing on the importance of practising active listening as a critical part of a company’s D&I policy.

Listening, therefore, plays a major role and we at Berryworks can help you listen and engage your employees in a better way. To watch this complete webinar, click here.