Adopting Measures to Listen & Engage Better with Employees

Any organization that provides a platform forits employees to speak up on relevant matters will instill a sense of belonging to the company. Such employees will have improved work efficiency and would be more engaged than the average employee. Generating high levels of employee engagement can be a significant factor in improving the business prospects of the company in the long term.

Listening is an art and we see in our day-to-day office that not many are good listeners. While most listen to reply, we must start listening to understanding. Every individual is unique and it, therefore, becomes all the more important to understand every opinion and give space to your employees to voice their opinion.

One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say

Bryant H. McGill

A Job Satisfaction survey conducted by CareerBuilder concluded that nearly 60% of the unsatisfied employees opine that their employers do not make any effort to listen to them. Now that is the difference between hearing and listening. As an employer, you get to hear your employee’s grievances and when you respond to them, it becomes effective listening which is a key builder of any organizational environment.

Listen to Engage

Listening therefore can undoubtedly play a major impact on your employee engagement strategies. So how do you ensure that you have this vital component of communication embedded in your day-to-day conversations in such a way that your employees start trusting you with their opinions and suggestions?

1.      Appreciate When They Innovate: When people invest their time to your vision, they expect to get appreciated for their contributions. Start appreciating the little things they do in a big way. This pumps up enough good vibes for a better approach to the daily tasks. Read how to appreciate your employees for interesting ways to appreciate.

2.      Invest in Technology to Actively Listen: active listening helps managers in managing a diverse workforce and building a diverse and inclusive work environment to foster their productivity. Berry- an AI-based conversational analyst provides you the resources to convert your existing platform into a dynamic conversation portal where you can indulge in surveys, feedback and fun activities and get the responses analyzed by technology to provide data that matters. Visit to learn more.

3.       Build a Family out of your workspace: Employees spend roughly 40 hours a week working. While you invest money, they invest time and skills.

 Employee engagement is a gradual process. It takes time, the right approach, and last but most important, it starts with active listening. It cannot happen in a day and it is time that you prepare yourself for a long voyage towards self-realization and personal growth. As a leader, it is your responsibility to start exploring ways to unite your employees with your idea and this can only be achieved via being a good listener. Technology on the other hand is a utility that is reflective of the efforts of the leadership.