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4 Intuitive Ways to Enhance Employee Engagement in a Physically Distanced Work From Home Setup

The COVID outbreak came as a jolt from the blue for many companies, and they were forced to make some tough choices with regards to their work environment and employees. Most companies that were significantly affected made a conscious choice to connect and engage with their employees through a work-from-home (WFH) or a remote work model. Although it may look straightforward, WFH involves a whole lot of logistics in getting the workflow and business processes streamlined in accordance with the demands of the business. And not to mention the initial WFH excitement among employees eventually giving way to loneliness, boredom, and even depression or anxiety issues.

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Organizations need to constantly rethink, redefine and innovate to design employee engagement strategies that not only help in everyday routine tasks but also help keep employees’ spirits up in this period of uncertainties and anxieties.  their engagement strategies to streamline them with the latest hybrid form of working.

Creating a resourceful and engaging remote working culture takes a lot more than what we assume it will.  Employees face several issues that can be technical as well as related to their physical and mental health.  Here are a few suggestions on how you can be very mindful about engaging with your employees in a Remote Working setup. 

Employee Engagement

 Help Setup the Tools & Technology to Work From Home:  It is frustrating when you are constantly trying to communicate your requirements and there is absolutely no response or delayed response. Every employee needs a set of tools from laptops to software to virtual machine access. To get maximum output from your employees make sure that all the technical requirements are taken care of. Most importantly, ensure everybody has good bandwidth as the internet is the fuel on which work from home runs.

Employee Engagement

Have Open and Seamless Communication Channels: Since it is not the good old days where you could straight away go to your team lead for your doubts and queries it becomes really important to respond to communications promptly and should be instructive enough so that it minimizes the length of the conversation. Employee engagement tends to increase when there is good communication and resolution of issues.

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Seek Regular Feedback Through Internal Surveys: Managers must keep actively listening to their employees. Invest in employee feedback tools to get an idea about how your employees are feeling while they are home. Read Understanding Sentiment Using Berry to know how you can get the pulse of your organization via just asking the right questions.

Organize Fun Engagement Activities & Games: So what if you cannot give your employees a big pizza treat after the successful completion of a project. There are many ways to show your gratitude that are in accordance with the rules of social distancing. Here are 5 virtual team building ideas for you and your team to have some fun.

While remote working may be the norm in the ‘new normal’, it should not stop employers from appreciating workplace diversity and inclusion and nurture means to keep the employee engaged productively with a positive outlook towards the future. It is therefore necessary to adopt the right practices so that everybody enjoys what they are doing and come out a better person once the usual office begins.