Why eNPS: What to Do & What to Avoid

eNPS, a simple metric of asking questions with answers lying between 0-10 predicting employee satisfaction is becoming increasingly popular in the corporate world. Initially developed as a tool to determine customer satisfaction, product popularity, and customer feedback, a new application of the same metric,  eNPS or the employee Net Promoter Score is being widely adopted by HR professionals across the globe to measure and gauge employee experience, engagement, and satisfaction.

How do we calculate the eNPS score?

eNPS scores are fairly easy to calculate and that is another addition to its popularity. You do not require complex formulas to calculate them.

Basically, the responses are divided into 3 categories based upon the scores they give. There are promoters who rate between 9-10, passives or neutrals who rate between 7-8, and detractors who give a poor score of 0-6.

eNPS score = % of Promoters – % of Detracters

For example, Today, 60% of Google employees would encourage their friends to become coworkers, whereas 22% are neutral and 18% would not recommend working at Google to their friends.

Their eNPS score, therefore, is 42.

A fairly easy way to calculate, it does not offer holistic data to take the necessary measures. Check out Berryworks Solution to create an actionable and insightful eNPS survey for your company.

Berry eNPS

How to choose the best eNPS for your company?

  1. Survey Bank: Does this tool have a  good collection of ready-to-use survey questions and templates? Managers should easily be able to create a campaign within minutes and send it out to the employees.
  2. An Automated Reminder System: It is often observed that many times employees do not respond to feedback questions. Your eNPS solution must be able to remind the employees who have not yet filled the survey time and again to attain maximum engagement thus improving the quality of data. It should ideally be integrated with the communication channels used such as slack, meet, etc.
  3. A Consolidated Dashboard: All the data that is received must be converted into information that can easily be used by managers. It can be in the form of graphs, serious data points, summaries, etc. This saves the managers from the troubles of analyzing responses and they can directly shift their focus to take corrective measures.

A survey solution providing all the three should be your choice. An eNPS survey gives you an idea about your employee’s sentiment, satisfaction, and engagement with his work or job. Hence, it becomes important to choose the right solution for feedback analysis.

Berry, an AI assistant can be a good option if you wish to go for an automated completely hassle-free survey experience. Read our blog Understanding Sentiment Using Berry’s eNPS to find out more.

Lastly, your team defines your output and success. Therefore, it becomes your responsibility to understand them and provide them the best opportunities and technical support for them to grow. Remember, when they grow the company grows.