Berry eNPS

Understanding Sentiment Using Berry’s eNPS

eNPS or the employee net promoter score can be a great way to recognize what your employees are feeling within your company. You ask them basic questions and based upon their answers, you can identify everyone as

  1. Promoters: People who voted between 9-10. They are generally happy with the company and are most likely to recommend your organization to others.
  2. Passives: A response between 7-8 gets an employee under the category of passives who are somewhat happy but have certain issues that are bothering them. Asking further questions and finding the real issue is recommended.
  3. Detractors: If you have a large number of detractors then it is definitely time for you to rethink your strategies regarding employee management. Anything between 0-6 comes under detractors.

 As simple as it seems, doing a manual eNPS survey can be tedious and less efficient than automated surveys like Berry’s eNPS survey systems. A survey that is done manually results in inaccurate data, less turn up of employees hence reduced sample space and the hard work of compiling all the results.  

Berry eNPS

Introducing Berry, a state-of-the-art digital companion that takes care of all your eNPS issues so that you can sit back and strategize just by looking at the analytics. So why should you opt for Berry?

  • Ready-Made Campaigns: Hosting a large number of campaign templates designed by our HR experts makes it easier to create a survey that serves your agenda within minutes. Saving enough time, your surveys will reach your employees in no time. The days of online research for questions are over.
  • Drive Accountability: Berry sends constant notifications to your employees notifying them to participate in the surveys. It also ensures that actions are taken by managers on the feedback received. The wholesome collaboration thus created results in better engagement.
  • Continuous NPS: We believe NPS is not a one-time event. It is a constant, consistent process initiative to understand the employees’ pulse. Hence Berry will constantly engage with your employees on a regular basis.
  • NPS Ideas: NPS survey results can easily be the basis of amazing ideas. Barry ensures that such ideas generated by the employees are repolled and the best ones reach the leadership.
  • Pattern Analysis: Analyze patterns coming out of NPS surveys using natural language processing to bring key points as quickly as the response is in. This helps the managers get important summary points to work on.
  • Deep Insights: Data dashboards are at the micro-level since AI is doing the work for you. Tell the right story to leadership while balancing the granularity with anonymity.

Hence, with Berryworks you can digitally transform your employee NPS process into an automated, intelligent and dynamic system that will deliver you the insights that leaders need the most. 

Adding cherry to the cake, Berry can be integrated with your existing communication systems such as slack, teams, etc offering a seamless feedback experience.

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