Integrating eNPS for Better Employee Analytics

NPS or net promoter score has become an industry parameter in determining the loyalty of the customers and your employees. Its huge popularity and statistical accuracy in predictive analysis have motivated organizations all around the globe to use it to determine their employee advocacy. Today, with the advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, companies such as Berryworks are making groundbreaking solutions for generating effective eNPS or the employee net promoter score.

An intelligent NPS system allows you to have full control over your questions, surveys, statics and provides real-time analysis. The speed of employee NPS (eNPS) responses can be increased significantly by using existing productivity channels like Slack, Teams, etc for conversations that capture and track interactions. The value of eNPS is enhanced by bringing in data quickly from existing systems thus increasing granularity.

eNPS provides numerous behavioral data to the leadership that can further enable them to strategize better engagement and employee happiness.

Why you should opt for eNPS based surveys?

Easy to Participate: Often, long and complex surveys don’t motivate employees to proactively participate. This results in low engagement and therefore the sample space gets compromised. eNPS asks straightforward questions that can easily be integrated with the communication system and since it is a single response mechanism, it takes a minute to answer. This can result in an increased employee engagement if the feedback received from scores is carefully worked on.

Sentiment Analysis: The questions are designed in such a way that the scores can reflect the sentiments of the employees. For NPS Score, the employees are asked how likely they are to recommend the company as a place to work. They are supposed to give ratings on a scale of 1 to 10. On the basis of their answers, they are categorized into ‘Promoters’, ‘Neutrals’ or ‘Distractors’. Therefore, you get a rough idea about who is happy and who needs your attention.

Some examples of eNPS Questions that you can ask:

  • On a scale from 0-10, how likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?
  • Considering your experience with us so far, how likely are you to recommend [company name] to a friend or colleague? (0-10)
  • On a scale of 0-10, how will you rate your promotion within the company with 0 being worst and 10 being extremely satisfactory?
  • On the basis of your interview process, how will you rate us between 0-10 with 0 being confusing and hectic and 10 being a seamless experience.
  • One idea you would like to share that would make this a better place.

These are a few questions that can be asked to your employees to determine how much they are willing to stay in your company or are likely to recommend others as advocates. However, doing this manually would be an extremely tedious job. Hence, Berryworks automates the entire eNPS execution providing actionable insights in real-time.

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