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Engaging Employees during Work from Home with Berryworks

Great powers bring great responsibilities. These iconic lines said by uncle Ben from the Spider-Man movie seem to fit in the remote working set up that has become the norm now!. It gives us a lot of flexibility in terms of work hours, attire, and time management.

In a recent FlexJobs survey, 65% of respondents reported wanting to be full-time remote employees post-pandemic, and 31% want a hybrid remote work environment—that’s 96% who desire some form of remote work.

Making remote working a viable sustainable option comes with its own set of challenges. From health issues to communication gaps owing to no physical meetings, the list can go on and on.

 Berry, our AI friend can help you. Created using artificial intelligence technology, Berry acts as a conversational advocate between you and your employee. Powerful sentiment analysis ensures you get the right message at the right time. So how will Berry help your employees during their unique work from home experience?

Work from Home

Get Employee’s Pulse & Real-time Analysis

Remote working is fast becoming the ‘new normal’ around the world. Let Berry be your confidant and get your employees’ pulse on their comfort with the work-from-home setup, their productivity, and efficiency of communication channels. Plan online gaming with colleagues, take notes, talk about issues that bother and much more can be done using Berry. Your employees will never feel alone.

Collaboration and Support

To understand what’s working and what’s coming in the way of effective working for your team, Berry can provide your team the ability to assess the ease of collaboration and provide specific insights around manager’s and team’s trust and support. Also, Berry is seamlessly integrated with your communication systems so that you don’t have to change anything. Read more to find out about the platforms we currently support.

Wellness Companion

Berry is that one mutual friend who is always there to create a communication channel between the employer and the employee. Be it employee engagement strategy or employee well-being and retention strategy, Berry provides the ability to chat with employees regularly. This helps assess the ‘mood’ of the organization on a regular basis and provides deep insights into the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the employees.

Return to office

Berry can help an organization plan its ‘Return to office’ strategy by gauging the pulse of the employees. It provides a data-backed platform to not only assess if the employees are ready to come back but also read their minds by understanding their apprehensions/ excitement. This will help organizations define measures to be taken to ease this transition.

Berry is the modern techie friend you need in your office. Berry can improve employee happiness by being a constant support system and providing valuable insights via behavior analysis. Berry ensures that work is never compromised and engagement is maintained. 

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