Working from home

One Year of Working from Home: What we learn!

Working from home

It’s 365 days since COVID19 emerged and changed our lives drastically. Offices were shut down at a moment’s notice and everybody’s plans took a major hit. Masks have  become an integral part of our everyday apparel now. Some of us lost our loved ones and the entire humanity suffered a major setback. Not to forget the fact that Olympics 2020 was postponed too and so did a lot of dreams. Working from home became the new normal.

Every cloud has a silver lining. CoronaVirus did ransacke our lives but it also gave rise to a plethora of opportunities for people. Humanity showed Corona that we can stand tall and united in times of distress and no matter how diverse we are, we all have a heart that beats in unity.

Let us revisit our memory lanes and try searching for the good that we achieved.

Morning Meeting in Pajamas

Working from home

There were days of crisp formal shirts and then there are days where we conduct meetings from our homes. Yes, initially it was a difficult decision to switch to working from home owing to the technology constraints and let’s admit, almost null tech support. We all learned how to set up and schedule online meetings, how to collaborate on productivity applications and set up our office right next to our families.

 FIFA Sessions with Kids

Working from home

The people who love us miss us when we are away. The earlier system of 9 to 5 meant that you got to spend less time with your kids. As work from Home emerged and living inside our homes became mandatory, it gave many of us the time to be there for their families. Making sandwiches, watching Toy Story or playing in the backyard, it brought us more close to the little ones.

 Investing in Hobbies


There was so much that we wanted to learn but we couldn’t owing to lack of time. Then came COVID and it gave us all the time on earth at our disposal. That dying wish to learn how to play a Guitar or completing Mr. RR Martin’s A Song of Ice & Fire was fulfilled for many. A large number of people started learning new skills and started sharing their progress on the social media. It did give some time to reflect and learn something new.

 Money makes Money

Ready for office

The COVID 19 gave rise to Work from Home culture that is eventually proving to be more productive financially. Lot of MNCs are looking forward to continue the WFH form of working as it is saving quite a lot of money in terms of office space and other amenities. As far as employees are concerned, they are not travelling to work hence saving both time and money.

Corona did take away a lot from us but it gave us a way to explore new opportunities. It trained us in new survival skills and let’s admit, it made us more hygienic than ever before. We got time to spend with our families, we got time to discover ourselves and learn new things. It was a bad time but let the optimistic you find the good it bought with it.