Diversity & Inclusion Ideas

5 Easy Ways to Implement Diversity & Inclusion Ideas

Building a diverse and inclusive workplace is fast becoming a priority for CEOs and HR leaders. Research clearly points out the importance of implementing diversity & inclusion ideas to achieve higher productivity and better employee engagement. Hence it is fairly accurate to say that adapting to inclusive practices is not just a smart business idea but also goes a long way in building an empathetic work culture.

According to Boston Consulting Group’s survey, companies building and promoting workplace diversity have shown 19% higher revenue over others.  Another study by McKinsey suggests that companies promoting workplace diversity have outperformed the industry norms by over 35%.

 Diversity & Inclusion – Taking the First Steps Towards Solid Implementation

Advocate D&I via Creativity

Diversity and Inclusion Ideas

A video has a greater probability of being watched than a document being read in these tech friendly times. Create compelling videos with your employees in which they talk about their experiences of working in a multi-cultural environment and publish it online. Acting as a binding force and a good way to share a message, a video snippet will speak more than any document.

Celebrate Diverse Holidays

Celebrations Diversity

If we were to give a holiday for every festival then probably we will have no days to do work. However, this should not stop one from celebrating diverse occasions. Create a calendar for your celebrations by taking feedback from the employees and organize a 30 minute event in respect of the particular day. Your employees will look forward to it so you get better employee engagement and it creates interactions therefore more employee happiness.

Eliminate Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias

There are various types of workplace bias that we encounter in our day to day lives. While it may be difficult to completely stop the unconscious bias, a good step would be recognize it and then work towards removing it from our subconscious minds. Solving the Unconscious Bias at Workplace helps in building a compassionate and empathetic work culture.

Appreciate to Inspire

Think You

We are social beings and we look forward to some  appreciation for things we do with all our heart and soul.  Start rewarding employees not only monetarily but also general appreciation. Draft a thank you mail listing contributions of everyone and organize a pizza party at the end of a tiring project. Read our blog How to Appreciate your Employees to find more ways for employee appreciation.

Listen More to Understand More

Listen More

Everyone has their issues and it is very difficult to express one’s fears and troubles. Be open to quality conversations with your employees about the problems. Take their feedback and work on it. If someone is showing alarming behavior, try to understand the problem. Create a family where everyone is ready to talk about the issues they are facing.