Embracing Diversity for Workplace Success

Workplace Diversity

Today’s workplace is made up of individuals coming from different educational backgrounds, nationalities, hobbies & opinions. This diversity gives the organization its uniqueness and opens the doors for new ideas to flourish within the group. Yes, this is an amazing advantage of being around different people. However, it has been observed that this difference in cultures often lead to negativity too.

When everyone is thinking the same, no one is thinking

John Wooden

So how do you ensure that this unique versatility of individuals and their opinions are moulded into bonds that strengthen and unite each other and does not lead to conflict?

Diversity & Inclusion are complementary to each other. Diversity cannot exist with a proper system for inclusion. An honest commitment to create a diverse environment by allowing each and every one to put out their opinions and be accountable for them is all it takes to increase the mutual acceptance.

Fight against Discrimination

1.      Say No to Discrimination: Let merit be the only parameter to judge an individual and nothing else should be considered while assigning work. There are various types of bias present in offices and it becomes each individual employees responsibility to stand up against any form of discrimination. The first rule to embrace diversity hence is to speak up against people who discriminate and bring it to the notice of the leadership.

2.      Build A Family of Colleagues: Your colleagues  are working not only for the monetary rewards but for the idea they believe in. They are putting precious hours of their life five days a week and on tough days, even more. Unite them to work as a family by recognizing everyone’s abilities and making each one understand each one in a better way. Here are a few games to increase employee engagement.

3.      Diversity Webinars & Training: The world is becoming increasingly closer day by day and therefore offices are becoming increasingly diverse in nature. Educating your employees about diversity via training and webinars conducted by professionals is of great help. Berryworks, a world leader in employee experience platform is hosting a webinar soon. Conducted by renowned D&I advocates, it’s free for everybody. Invites coming soon.

4.      Communicate & Engage in Discussion: A lot of misunderstandings clear when we talk and similarly a lot of conflicts occur when there is lack of proper communication. Always ensure everyone is on the same page as per the seniority and keep  communication channels open be it email, slack, leadership forums, one on one meetings etc up to date.

5.      Respecting Over Tolerating: Create an environment where nobody is tolerating anybody but respecting them. Have a coffee conversation with the person you were hesitating to talk to for months and who knows, you both could end up discussing the game of thrones fan theories. When we talk, we understand. When we understand we become a more acceptable person. Acceptance is the key to unlock diversity.