What does it take to be an Efficient Leader today?

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other, said John F Kennedy. Leadership much as any other role in an organization is a journey of learning. We learn as we lead and also lead so we can learn as much about others as about ourselves.

When we talk about being such a corporate leader here, most importantly an efficient one, what we mean is a person who can take the responsibility and cultivate in his employees the zeal to perform for the company.

So what does it take to make you an efficient manager? How to you differentiate between an efficient manager and a not so efficient one? Also, how to ensure that you are always on the path of improvement and grow into a leader your employees love working with?

Just like most things in life, there is no sure-shot pre-defined already mapped way of achieving what you are seeking. At the end of the day, it is all about improvement and improvement as you must know and accept is a gradual process. It cannot happen in a day and it is time that you prepare yourself for a long voyage towards self-realization and personal growth.

#1: Identify the Problem


Let us begin with the very basis of everything. You cannot expect to find a solution unless you are able to identify the problem. Good management as Paul Hawken describes is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them.

As a manager, your team looks at you when they are stuck. A good manager hence must be a good problem solver. Remember all those idea pitching competitions you used to participate or that famous ted talk Find Problem, Solve Problem by Ariana Glantz where she gives her unique methods about solving problems. A good manager must be able to find a solutions when others fail to do so and this can only happen when you know the problem correctly.

#2: Trust your Colleagues

Trust Employees
“A bad manager makes you work, a good manger lets you work” 

Yes, you are an authority but that doesn’t mean you are right behind them while they are trying to make things work. Honestly speaking, nobody likes a constant vigilance while they are at work. It creates distraction and most importantly, kills creativity.

You must trust your colleagues with whatever responsibilities that you have bestowed upon them. Always remember, it’s your job to review the tasks assigned and give suggestions if they ask for it. Give them a free hand and see them grow. Build a relationship that is based on trust and accountability. The trust and accountability must be mutual.

#3 Organize Yourself with Employee Management Tools

Berry Product

The global village has opened new opportunities for people from anywhere on the planet to collaborate together. Communication therefore becomes an important factor when you are expecting good accountability and coordination from everyone. Emails are so outdated and today we see an array of tools that not only allow you to communicate effectively but also offers features that help you improve your employee engagement.

One of the emerging leaders in the industry, Berryworks offers software solution that gives you an in depth analysis of your employee sentiment via interactive conversations. A pioneer in technology, it offers the flexibility that a leader must have while coordinating.

#4 Empower with Positivity

Positivity at Work

Often it is seen that things go bad between managers and employees. We all are humans after all and it is the basic nature of every one of us to expect respect and recognition. It is time that we understand that being bossy is not cool or leader like. Everyone has their own set of abilities and if you wish to become a good manager, it’s time for you to start identifying those skills and encourage them to work with them. You might have the greatest idea in the world but that does not imply that you will mute yourself to the suggestions given by your colleagues.

A good leader therefore is approachable, acceptable to criticism and respects the opinions of everybody. If you wish to become one, be a good listener. Active Listening is the key to getting valuable insights on the mindset of those working with us and it also helps identify roadblocks as and when they arise.

Leadership need not be a lonely job. More importantly, it is not always lonely on top, if only we cared enough, listened enough and acted enough with compassion and empathy.