Video Interview Tips for Recruiters

Remote working, work-from-home, virtual home-office, call it what you may but we are indeed moving fast towards a near-virtual work mode. And more so, in the recruitment department where a virtual interview is not only saves time but also is a much more efficient way of meeting with potential candidates.

Today, with the advent of pandemic, this has become all the more the need of the hour. A vast majority of recruiters are organizing their interviews via video conferencing to ensure that the safety of the people involved is not compromised. This change in the interview process brings with it challenges both technical as well as psychological. This futuristic way of hiring therefore must be handled responsibly.

Here are some quick tips and tricks that can make your interviews hassle-free and gives a smooth satisfactory experience both to you and the candidates.

1. Tech First – Ensure the technology is all set and ready

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Ensure that you purchase a license of any reliable video conferencing software such as Cisco WebEx, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, etc. If you are unsure about which software to choose, read our blog Top 4 Video Conferencing Applications in 2020 and decide what is best for you.

Also, a trial run must be done to ensure that everything is working properly. Remember, it is not your office but your home with limited setup and no conference room to sit comfortably.

Get your IT team to check all the connections, links, bandwidth, etc. Ensure that you have your interview setup ready at least a day before the actual interview.

2. Communicate – with clarity and simplicity

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Times like these when everyone is working from home, good communication becomes all the more necessary. Always ensure that the following is communicated to everyone at the earliest possible time to all the concerned persons. Keeping everyone in the loop is important.


Your interviewee may be sitting in Asia while the technical team sits in Washington. A major problem that arises while scheduling meetings or interviews is the confusion in time zones. Always give the timings in Universal Time and create a calendar event.

Interview Link

Create secure password-protected links for meetings and send them to all people concerned. Create an admin who starts the meeting at least 10 minutes in advance so that everyone can join comfortably.

Tutorial Videos

If your interview requires candidates to do something online, for example, write code or debug one and submit, ensure that the architecture to do the same is created and prepare a tutorial video showing necessary steps so that there is no confusion during the interview process.

3. Be a Professional Even from Home

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We understand that while working from home, many of us avoid dressing formally at all. Pyjamas have now become the universal work wear. While this can work on a normal day, it would be good to be a little formal while conducting an interview. Be professionally dressed and greet the interviewees with a smile just like you would do in a face to face interview. Make them comfortable.

Keep your mics on mute unless speaking to avoid any unwanted sounds but should you hear one, do not take it negatively. Everyone is home but trying their best.

Keep your setup in a well-lit room as well for a good quality video interaction.

4. Send Feedback & Thank You Note

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As a candidate, it is normal to feel the pressure and be inquisitive about how the interview went. It, therefore, becomes very important for HRs to intimidate the feedback and further process along with a thank you note. In an event where you don’t know when the shortlisting will be done, inform the same as well politely. Remember, they are expecting a follow-up and it is unprofessional if you leave them without one.

Following these tips, we hope you will have a smooth interview experience. Follow us on LinkedIn to get more informed about employee grievances and engagement.