Procrastination at Work

Journey from Procrastination to Productivity

Tomorrow Never Comes

It’s Friday and the deadline is approaching in the next three hours. You are cursing yourself over all the work you kept pushing to the last minute.. You make up your mind to never do this mistake again of meeting last minute stress induced deadlines but the next week is the same all over again. Welcome to the world of procrastination where the motto is:

If it can be done tomorrow, why bother today!

Sadly, tomorrow never comes and you land into the never ending loop of meeting deadlines at the last minute making the employee but unpredictable and unreliable thereby altering in the professional growth. According to renowned researcher and speaker Piers Steel, 95% of us procrastinate to some extent during our day at work. However, the problem begins when it starts to become a habit.

What is this addiction called procrastination and how does this begin?


Procrastination is an active process where you chose to do something else instead of the ideal task that must be done in that time frame. It might happen due to laziness but it is not same as laziness. Laziness is not doing anything at all.

Like every bad habit, procrastination starts with the common phrase “just this one time” combined with media glorifying a bad habit. Procrastinating does not make you look cool. Postponing things for the last minute and getting things done in the end further fuels this habit.

As a professional you lose opportunities when you procrastinate. Your feedback is not likely a good one too owing to the fact that procrastinators fail to meet deadlines frequently. Procrastination is bad both for your career as well as the company you are working for. It must be controlled and all you need to control it is a disciplined mind and a few tried and tested changes in your daily routine.

How to defeat this villain called Procrastinations?

As we said earlier, it is fairly easy if you are determined to do it. Here are a few ways that we think will help you overcome procrastination and thereby lead you to more productive work hours.

To-Do List


Gift yourself a planner and create elaborate weekly plans with day wise entries. It does not need to be very foresight but should include the basic agendas such as finishing the targets that will remain same throughout every week.


Procrastination Treat

Incentives and rewards are always seen as attractive productive boasters. If you have a sweet tooth, define a deadline like if I am able to finish this PPT by 2 PM, I’ll have a large slice of the black forest cake which is craving for my attention. Keep small rewards for yourself if you do your tasks in time.

Minimize Distractions


This is by far the most difficult part. You are on season 6 of The Big Bang Theory and it only takes 20 minutes to finish an episode. This happens with all of us. Postpone that distraction for the end of the day or until your tasks are completed. It is very tempting and difficult to avoid distractions but it must be done for the greater good.

Defeat the Strongest Monster First


Tackle the most difficult task or the task you find boring the first thing in the day. Once you defeat the strongest monster, you are left with easier and likable tasks that you are less likely to postpone.

Change Your Surroundings

Desk Setup

The work from home culture has also played a significant role in creating procrastinators. A day starts in bed and not on desk and this tends to get you slow. Change your workstation from bed table to a proper setup and you’ll see an instant increase in energy. Read our blog How to Setup the Best WFH Setup and create an office for yourself.

A healthy lifestyle clubbed with a diligently followed schedule will thus help you evolve into a better person altogether. Hoping for a good change for everybody.