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Do your Employees Love Coming to the Office?

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Well, as simple as this question sounds, come Monday and the expression on everyone’s face as well their Social Media posts give it all away. Employee happiness doesn’t always depend on the spot-on paycheck or the games lounge in the office. How do we ensure our teams, when they wake up every morning, come to work with a smile on their faces. How do we ensure “oh no it’s Monday” to “Yay…its a Monday”?

Are you as an employer ensuring your team is happy? (Salary is not the only parameter to decide)

Let us visit the question again, do your employees love coming to the office, or are they only coming because of a paycheck at the end of the month. Employee happiness is an extremely important factor to enhance the productivity of any organization and to ensure the smooth running of a company.

A good dedicated leader with an average team can win a couple of rounds but an average leader with a strong dedicated team can win every round.

In a study conducted by the University of Warwick, random working individuals were made happier by deliberate interventions. Interestingly they exhibited 12 % more productivity than those who were left alone to do their work. This suggests that happiness plays an important role in the performance of an employee in an organization. Do you know that Netflix has the highest percentage of happy employees?

A survey by an anonymous professional networking  app Blind found that 86 % of the Netflix employees said they were happy  at work. The outcome is in front of us all. The company is creating new  milestones in the entertainment and online streaming industry. A happy  team can indeed work wonders.
Dealing with a  lot of employee issues, talking to various HRs, and facing some of  those issues ourselves, We have created three Rs that once followed will  ensure excellent employee-employer relationships.


As human beings, we are social animals. At the end of a presentation, call the person who presented and tell him/her how much you enjoyed it. Try recognizing the efforts of your employees by such small gestures. It means a lot to them. Yes, at the end of the day salary matters but respect shown enhances loyalty towards the organization. Start doing this and you will see immediate changes.


Reward your employees with incentives, birthday cakes, parties, trips, and awards from time to time depending on your budget. It creates a sense of belongingness to a group and is always a good team-building exercise. Also, it increases the feeling of healthy competition among your team.



Lastly, respond to your employee issues. A strong HR comes into the picture here. There are times when an employee is not performing well due to personal reasons. It becomes the responsibility of the company to counsel the person and listen to his/her issues. It may be less pay, conflict with co-workers, lack of appreciation, or anything. If a company can solve the issues of an employee keeping the best interests of the company intact, that company becomes great.

To conclude, employee happiness plays a very important role in the growth of an individual. Let us try creating a good stress-free working space for everyone and enjoy our work together.